‘Money Honey’ Maria Bartiromo Gets Served In Divorce Case

Maria could be a witness in the divorce case between Todd Thompson, an ex Citigroup executive and his wife, stemming from an alleged affair between the two.

Maria with her husband Johnathan

Maria with her husband Johnathan

Ex- CNBC and presently with  Fox TV Channel, Maria Bartiromo, who has been nicknamed ‘Money Honey’ by the media, not only because of her gorgeous looks, but also because  she was the first woman to report live from the furiously active floor of the New York Stock Exchange, recently got served in a court case!  Maria Bartiromo has been named as a potential witness in the divorce proceedings of Todd Thompson, an ex Citigroup executive and his wife Melissa.

Maria Bartiromo also dubbed ‘Econo Babe,’ married Jonathan Steinberg, the chief executive officer of Wisdom Tree Investments in 1999. Her striking looks have caught the fancy of many a man including that of rock star, Joey Ramone of the American punk rock group The Ramones; he even went on to write a song titled ‘Maria Bartiromo’, which was released in 2002, after his death, in their Don’t Worry About Me album.

Todd Thompson’s fascination with the beautiful business news anchor led him to perform some actions, which captured the attention of all. In 2007, he allegedly ignored other bankers and took only Maria in his corporate jet, just so that he could get to spend more time with her!

Todd with his soon to be divorced wife Melissa

Todd with his soon to be divorced wife Melissa

He is supposed to have forked out nearly $5 million for a Sundance special event that Maria was to host; he also financed many other Citigroup functions and TV shows that had Maria in them and made her a board member of an undertaking in his own alma mater, the prestigious Wharton Business School.

Was the relationship between Todd and Maria Bartiromo one sided and only on his part or was Maria too, involved with him? What is the reason that Melissa Thompson, Todd’s wife has named Maria as a potential witness in her divorce?

Whatever the truth be about their affair or non-affair, it is also true that Maria and her husband continue to stay together as a married couple. The public can only speculate or wait for someone to air his or her dirty laundry in public!

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Joey Ramone's album 'Don't Worry About Me' featuring the 'Maria Bartiromo' song

Joey Ramone’s album ‘Don’t Worry About Me’ featuring the ‘Maria Bartiromo’ song

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