Mandie Taneka helped Wayne Brady through a dark depression many years after their divorce

Wayne Brady and Mandie Taneka were married for only 7 years before separating. But 7 years after their divorce was finalized they’re still friends, raising their daughter together.

Divorce finalized in 2008

Contentious divorces are always extensively written about, because they satisfy our curiosity for the private life of celebrities.

Wayne and Mandie say cheese

Wayne and Mandie say cheese

Divorcing their partners in less than amicable ways confirms that these people are mere humans like the rest of us.

But amicable divorces make for nicer stories, because it shows us that we needn’t hate the one we once loved. Isn’t that much better than wasting negative emotions on someone, who should no longer be able to have a hold over our feelings?

A good example of a divorce done right is Wayne Brady and his ex-wife Mandie Taneka. The two were married in 1999. They had daughter Maile together in 2003. Apparently, however, the couple didn’t share a home. It’s not quite clear if that was always the case, but Wayne Brady himself confirmed that they had lived in different homes.

The two separated on the 7th wedding anniversary in 2006. Clearly they chose that day deliberately.

It would be a rather strange coincidence otherwise. We have no idea what led to the divorce.

Chances are that the two fell out of love or simply couldn’t make their lives together work. But it was obviously nothing that would have prevented them from continuing as friends.

More than another year later, in July 2007, Mandie filed for divorce. And as it happened, the divorce was finalized in April 2008; almost exactly 9 years after they were first married.

We don’t know the settlement details, but we do know that Mandie asked for joint legal and physical custody and that she wanted spousal support. The estranged couple was to pay their legal bills separately, however.

We also know that the couple moved closer together.

In order to allow them to raise Maile better together and give her as normal an upbringing as possible the two practically became neighbours.

Wayne Brady found himself severely affected by Robin Williams’ suicide. As a fellow comedian suffering from depression, Wayne fell into a deep, dark hole and it was Mandie who turned out to be there for him and help him through this episode.

Wayne has gone so far as to credit her with the fact that he was still alive. It’s clear that he still cherishes his ex-wife, though rumours of an attempted reconciliation on his part seem to be false. The two have merely turned their relationship into a friendship. And it’s one of those that count for something, because the two are there for each other as well as their daughter.

Neither of them has remarried or seems to be officially in a relationship. Wayne has said that he’s dating and looking for a woman, who’s good at what she does, whatever that may be, who is smart and who also makes him laugh.

Mandie is probably dating again as well, but she is not known to be seriously involved with someone.


Wayne and Mandie look cheerful

Wayne and Mandie look cheerful

Wayne and Mandie snapped at an event

Wayne and Mandie snapped at an event

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