After divorce from abusive husband, Lyssa Chapman is now engaged to her girlfriend

After less than two years of marriage, Lyssa Chapman all but kicked husband Bo Galanti out, because he allegedly abused her several times. After travelling the long road to recovery, Lyssa is now happier than ever, living in Hawaii with her two daughters and set to get married to her girlfriend.

Troubled youth

Lyssa Chapman and Bo Galanti wedding

Lyssa Chapman and Bo Galanti wedding

Lyssa Chapman married Bo Galanti in February 2009. They each brought a daughter into the relationship and had a third daughter together in August 2010. But happiness was apparently not part of the deal.

In her autobiography Walking on Eggshells, released in 2013, Lyssa tells the reader about her tragic childhood, involving an alcoholic mother, a drug-abusing father, and sexual abuse by a friend of her father. She had her first child at only 15 but was abandoned by her mother and the child’s father was not in the picture either. Apparently, he was in his early twenties at the time and when his identity came to light, he was charged with sexual abuse, because Lyssa was still underage.

Abusive marriage

Clearly, Lyssa didn’t have an easy life and she was only 22 when she married her now ex-husband, though the two had been a couple since 2006 when she was 19. During their marriage Bo, allegedly, assaulted Lyssa on four occasions. At least once she felt compelled to flee to her father’s house, which was just across the street from her own. But she would not press charges against her then-husband. Apparently, she didn’t want it all over the news and she seemed to believe that Bo would change his ways.

Her family, and especially her father, didn’t agree with the situation and threatened to hurt Bo if anything else happened. Fortunately, it never came to that. They would likely have been arrested and could have made things worse for everyone involved.

Filing for divorce and moving on

Lyssa Chapman and Bo Galanti wedding dinner

Lyssa Chapman and Bo Galanti wedding dinner

It took Lyssa until 2011, after having been through marriage counselling, to end her marriage and leave Bo Galanti for good. She went on record saying that despite the abuse, there is still love and the hope that the other person will change.

No one who has never experienced an abusive relationship will ever understand what keeps the abused person with their abuser. It seems to be against all reason and sensibility. And it is always easy to say for someone on the outside looking in, that the abuser will never change, that the abused must leave the relationship, and that it’s not worth it.

But if you ask the abused person, they will cling to love, hope, or fear, perhaps all of the above. Lyssa Chapman had her family to help her get out of the relationship and back her up. She has been through a lot in her young life and her book seems to suggest that she came out stronger on the other end. She also wants to help women, who have been through something similar, which is remarkable in itself.

It is not clear when her divorce from Bo Galanti was finalized precisely, but apparently not long after she filed it in early 2011. It is also not known if she ever did press charges against her ex-husband. In any case, she is certainly better off without him.

Happier than ever with her new fiancée

There is a happy ending in store for Lyssa, at least as far as we can tell right now. Nobody knows the future, after all.

Since early 2017, Lyssa has been dating Leiana Evensen, who also lives in Hawaii. It’s unclear how the two met, but it’s very obvious from their Instagram posts that Lyssa is very much in love with Leiana.

The two have been going strong and happy for quite some time now and in December Lyssa revealed that Leiana had proposed. On her Instagram account, Lyssa still calls herself Leiana’s fiancée, so the two have yet to get married. But that can be far away now and by the looks of things, these two may just last happily ever after.

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Bo Galanti & Lyssa Chapman with daughter

Bo Galanti & Lyssa Chapman with daughter

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