Louis CK may well be a happy divorcee, but that doesn’t mean he was unhappy when married

Louis CK was married to Alix Bailey for 13 years and the last few of them weren’t happy ones. His post-divorce comedy is refreshingly honest and offers a rather unique insight.

Divorce finalised in 2008

Louis CK is often quoted when it comes to divorce. He’s a stand-up comedian and has certainly exhausted the topic. But his quotes are witty, wise and more on point than most married or divorced people would like to admit.

Alix Bailey Louis Ck's ex wife

Alix Bailey Louis Ck’s ex wife

Comedians often tell it like it is or at least they tell it how they see it. We find comedic relief by looking into the mirrors they are holding up and delivery certainly matters. Louis CK is well known for that and it is what made him famous.

When he was still married, he would often joke about married life. But what he said was also true, even when there was a funny twist to his joke. His comedy show Lucky Louis was roughly based on himself at that time, a married father of two girls. He and his on-screen wife were constantly bickering and one wonders, how much he drew from his own married life.

He admitted that he basically spent his time at home for the last two years of his marriage on the sofa in his pyjamas. He was useless as a father and unhappy as a husband. Eventually he got up and decided that this wasn’t it and he and his now ex-wife got a divorce.

Louis CK and co-star Pamela Adlon stroll

Louis CK and co-star Pamela Adlon stroll

It’s unlikely that he was always unhappy in his marriage, however. It wouldn’t have lasted 13 years otherwise. But he also said that no happy marriage ever ends in divorce. That’s why divorcing is actually a good thing, because it gives those getting divorced another chance at happiness.

Louis also said that he has become a much better father to his daughters. He and his ex-wife share custody equally and he has his girls for half the week.

But whilst Louis CK has many jokes about divorce, the first year after the divorce was not a funny one for him. It was hard. Dating was weird, parenting was something to get used to and he was afraid that he would never be able to do stand-up again, because he could no longer talk about his marriage.

When he decided to talk about divorce instead, things turned around. He got a new show, Louie, which was once more loosely based on his own life as a single father with two daughters, and he got back to stand-up comedy.

Nowadays Louis says he loves being divorced. Since he has divorced he is happier than ever, or so he says. Listening to him and reading those quotable things he said about marriage, relationship, divorce and being single, one gets the impression that ending a bad marriage is not a bad thing and that divorce is sometimes the only right step one can take, even when it’s not an easy step.

But those who’ve seen him life also get a certain angry vibe from him, though what it might be that makes him angry only Louis could say.

Louis is a dedicated father and he has long since moved on from his divorce. Outside of making jokes, however, he won’t really talk about it and that’s his business. Last year he has been linked romantically to his on-screen partner Pamela Adlon, but there doesn’t seem to be official confirmation that the two are indeed a couple. Mind you, they have been seen shopping together and holding hands, so there is a likelihood that they are indeed an item, and if so, good for them.

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