Liza Weil and Paul Adelstein kept their marriage private and do the same with their divorce

Liza Weil and Paul Adelstein are two successful working actors and they were married for nearly ten years, sharing a daughter as well. But the pressures of the job may have ended their marriage anyway.

Paul Adelstein and Liza Weil met at a playwright’s conference. Paul once confessed that he immediately liked Liza, who was still in a relationship at the time. He had to be patient, which was not that difficult, because her relationship was nearly over and Paul thought she was worth waiting for.

The two worked on a few theatrical projects together and eventually became a couple. They married in a Reform Jewish ceremony at the end of 2006.

Liza and ex husband Paul

Liza and ex husband Paul

During the next few years they appeared on a few projects together, but they never shared much screen time. Most of the time they worked on different TV shows, and very successfully at that. Liza is most famous for her role on Gilmore Girls and lately How to get away with murder, whilst Paul gained notoriety on Prison Break and then Private Practice.

In 2010 Liza gave birth to their daughter.

Liza and Paul are successful working actors. They are well known, but can hardly be considered celebrities. They kept their private life very private indeed, never appearing in the gossip magazines. There aren’t even very many photos of the couple.

Their relationship was, for all we know, solid. But after more than ten years together and over nine years married, it was unexpectedly announced in April this year that Liza had filed for divorce. She merely cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce. She requested joint custody of their daughter and she requested spousal support.

Mind you, asking for spousal support is relatively normal under the circumstances, but Liza and Paul are almost equally successful and there probably won’t be a huge amount of spousal support, if anything at all.

It’s been reported that the two were planning on entering mediation to sort out all details, meaning there won’t be many problems and they are hoping to resolve things amicably. Since we’ve not heard anything about the divorce since it was first announced, it’s quite likely that they indeed managed to sort things out between themselves.

Paul and Liza had a private marriage and one of the few things that was worth reporting about, beside new TV roles and projects, was their divorce. Since Liza filed more than six months ago, so it’s quite possible that the divorce has already been finalized.

Why the two divorced is, of course, a mystery under the circumstances. Perhaps their increasingly busy careers kept them apart. That’s one of the most common reasons for relationships like theirs to fall apart. Perhaps they simply drifted apart. Not enough to no longer care for each other, but enough to not continue as a married couple. It seems quite unlikely that a third party was involved, however, since the two opted to sort things out without a lawyer. Those are usually only called in when things might turn nasty.

The two are not known to be dating anyone knew. They continue to keep busy with their careers and their daughter is likely their biggest priority right now.

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