Lil Mo has been twice divorced and three times married all within 14 years

Lil Mo first married in 2001, divorced in 2007, married again in 2008 to be divorced again in 2014. By 2015 she is married for the third time and has had her fifth child.

Divorce finalized in 2014

Singer and reality TV personality Lil Mo certainly gives the impression that she knows what she wants in her men and her family. When she met her first husband Al Stone she asked him for his number and after only five months of dating the two married in 2001. Their first daughter was born a year later and their second daughter in 2005. That same year, however, Lil Mo filed for divorce, which was granted in 2007.

Lil with her first husband Al Stone

Lil with her first husband Al Stone

Only a year later she married gospel singer Phillip Bryant. With him she had two sons. It was also the divorce from him that caused a lot of raised eyebrows.

According to interviews she’s given, the couple’s marriage has essentially been over since May 2013. Apparently Phillip had filed for divorce at some point and that was supposed to be finalized in January 2014. But because Lil Mo moved houses in between and didn’t want to wait on him, she also filed for divorce in Baltimore, which supposedly delayed things somewhat.

By the time all of this became public knowledge in March 2014, she was already seeing someone new. Lil Mo explained that the filming of the reality show she is a part of and actual real life events are separated by several months. That way the public cannot possibly be up to date on her relationship and everything in between, because the events aren’t aired live.

Lil's second husband Phillip Bryant

Lil’s second husband Phillip Bryant

Thus, she explained, her relationship to Phillip had long been over by the time anyone guessed at it. She also divulged as to why the marriage ended, though most considered this way too much information. Apparently Phillip had cheated on her and she figured that out during a threesome they had with the woman he cheated on her with.

Go figure.

She later admitted that she had cheated on him as an act of revenge. That’s not exactly God-fearing behaviour, especially since she has invoked her faith and God on occasion. Even saying that she would not sleep around being unmarried and would not have a child out of wedlock.

Lil with her third husband Karl Dargan

Lil with her third husband Karl Dargan

Lil Mo then added that after the relationship was over and the divorce was in the works, she sort of lived a celibate life for a little while. She wasn’t ready to get into a new relationship and didn’t want to expose her kids, especially her sons with Phillip, to that sort of thing.

But then boxer Karl Dargan entered her life.

Nobody knows if they met before or after her divorce from Phillip was finalized, but it didn’t take long and in 2014 they were definitely already a couple and she considered marriage, because she doesn’t do anything just half.

Karl is seven years her junior, which is also something that caused a few raised eyebrows. But the two seem to genuinely adore each other. They merged their two families, Karl’s three children and her four, and by the time 2015 rolled around the two were married.

In March they confirmed her pregnancy and in September Karl Jr. was born.

Her previous two marriages lasted each six year, which is something Lil Mo has noted herself. Let’s just hope her third marriage will last a little longer than that.


Karl and Lil dayout

Karl and Lil dayout

Lil & Karl say cheese

Lil & Karl say cheese

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