After a painful divorce Lena Headey keeps her private life as private as possible

Lena Headey finalized a painful divorce after six years of marriage. She’s not opposed to marry again, but seems to be quite happily single these days.

Divorce finalized in December 2013

Lena Headey has only been married once. She’s been known for some higher profile relationships and long-term relationships, but only one guy managed to take her down the aisle.

Lena with first husband Peter Loughran

Lena with first husband Peter Loughran

Musician Peter Loughran and Lena were married in May 2007 and had son Wylie in 2010. But not long after that, in 2011, the two separated. In July 2012 Lena finally filed for divorce in L.A., citing irreconcilable differences.

Lena had moved to L.A. because of Peter. The British actor had first made a career for herself in the UK before coming to the US, where she played Sarah Connor for two seasons on the Sarah Connor Chronicles. Whilst she has since done more work in Hollywood, she is, of course, best known for her role as Cersei Lannister, the queen everyone loves to hate.

In real life Lena is as unpretentious as they come, full of humour and swear words. She doesn’t seem to make a big deal of herself at all and is just happy to have a fulfilling job that she gets paid for. That and her two children are the main focus of her life. At least now.

But her divorce from Peter Loughran was painful. Lena had suffered post-partum depression after Wylie’s birth, admitting that she hadn’t even really been aware of it at first. When she finally figured it out and sought treatment, it changed a lot for her.

We don’t know whether the depression had anything to do with her separation from Peter. She’s not really spoken about the reasons for the divorce, though she has spoken about how it affected her.

It took over a year for the divorce to get finalized. Apart from already being separated for over a year by the time she filed, the actual settlement was not easily arrived at either. Chances are that Lena was making a lot more money due to her Game of Thrones engagement than Peter. Whilst it was rumoured at the time that she was broke, with papers claiming that she had only $5 to her name and needed money to settle credit card bills, there was definitely dispute over a tax refund. Lena later dismissed those rumours in an interview, wondering why people were so obsessed with her financial situation.

Perhaps she really did have one account that was nearly empty, but it would be very unlikely if that was her only account. Most people with a regular income have more than one account and actors or celebrities divorcing often have several accounts that need sorting.

Lena with current boyfriend Pedro Pascal

Lena with current boyfriend Pedro Pascal

Be that as it may, the divorce was settled in December 2013. Finally. Interestingly we learned that both parents were required to download apps that would prevent them from texting whilst driving and from using the Internet on their phones when they had their son in the car. This was to ensure Wylie’s safety. Apparently Lena insisted on it, because Peter had previously been in a nasty car accident.

The couple reportedly have joint custody, though the boy is mostly with Lena. As per their divorce settlement, she is allowed to take Wylie on location when filming, but she also needs to pay for Peter’s flight ticket to be there as well, and she was ordered to give him $1,000 for expenses during the trip.

In 2014 she said in an interview that she was considering buying a home in L.A., because she didn’t want to tear her family apart even further by moving permanently back to the UK. Ex-husband Peter lives in LA and Wylie was born in the US as well.

In 2015 she admitted that the divorce had been very painful for her and that there had been a lot of grief. She spoke about her bouts of depression, which she had suffered spells of throughout her life. But she had been fine for quite some time and was ready to use medication in case it reared its ugly head again, but she wouldn’t want to depend on drugs.

A year ago she gave birth to her daughter, whose name we don’t know. We also don’t know who the girl’s father is, because Lena has kept that information private. She was linked to co-star Pedro Pascal in 2014, but the two only speak of each other as friend, not lovers. And it’s been quite a while that they’ve been seen out together.

Lena had expressed her desire to become a mother again before and so it’s not surprising that she went ahead with it. She is obviously someone who dances to the beat of her own drum and does so quite happily. She allows her children to do the same.

Currently she seems to be focussed on motherhood and her career, grateful for her children and every opportunity to do her job for as long as possible.


Lena and Peter enjoy a drink

Lena and Peter enjoy a drink

Lena and Pedro dayout

Lena and Pedro dayout

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