Lauren Silverman is still happy with Simon Cowell after her ugly divorce from Andrew Silverman

Lauren Silverman’s ugly divorce followed her very public cheating scandal with Simon Cowell. Now that things have calmed down, everyone is happy and getting along surprisingly well.

Divorce finalized in 2013

Before her affair and the subsequent demise of her marriage, Lauren Silverman was not incredibly famous. The socialite married into the Silverman real estate family in 2003. Andrew Silverman’s family wasn’t entirely happy with the match. Lauren didn’t fit in with the rest of the clan, but Andrew loved her and that was that.

Andrew Silverman Lauren's first husband

Andrew Silverman Lauren’s first husband

She gave birth to their son and only child in 2006. Since Andrew Silverman is a business man first and foremost, not much is actually known about their marriage. Even as a socialite Lauren didn’t live a very public life during her marriage to her first husband.

That all changed when her affair to Simon Cowell became public in 2013 and it emerged that she was expecting his child. Whilst Andrew filed for an at-fault divorce from Lauren, everyone was suddenly in the limelight and new details of the affair and its consequences made the news almost daily.

Andrew and Lauren had known Simon for quite some time and apparently they were considered good friends. It’s been said that Andrew and Lauren had become unhappy in their marriage and that things had begun to unravel. So Lauren had leaned on Simon for support and eventually for more than that.

Elsewhere, however, it’s been reported that Lauren and Simon had an on/off affair for a few years before she became pregnant. Which of the two scenarios is true remains anyone’s guess as neither has been confirmed or denied. There may well be a third version we know nothing of.

Understandably, the divorce was not exactly amicable. Not only was Andrew dragged out into public life, which he found “unexpected and shocking”, but his wife had cheated on him with a so-called friend. And if that hadn’t been enough, she was also pregnant with his child. And said friend was, after all, not just anyone.

Few details of the divorce settlement from 2013 are known. It does not seem as if Andrew paid any sort of spousal support or alimony, but he did have to pay $3,000 monthly in child-support for their son. The two agreed on joint legal and physical custody for the boy and would have him on a week on, week off basis. Holidays would also be equally divided.

Lauren with boyfriend Simon Cowell

Lauren with boyfriend Simon Cowell

Additionally neither party was allowed to trash the other in front of their son, but most importantly Simon Cowell was apparently banned from seeing the boy or developing any relationship to him until at least January 2015. It was also stipulated that the boy would only ever call his actual parents ‘mother’ and ‘father’.

Lauren was supposed to pay a $50,000 penalty for violating the terms regarding Simon having contact to her son with Andrew. If it happened three times, she could even lose custody temporarily. As far as anyone knows it never came to that, though.

Things calmed down and Lauren gave birth to her love-child with Simon on Valentine’s Day 2014. Forced to divide her time between her baby son and her son with Andrew, she spent most of her time in the US and Simon would come visit every other week in order to avoid contact with the boy that wasn’t his. Naturally that meant he missed out on seeing his own son every day.

Eventually Andrew seems to have relented and moved on enough from the affair that the strict stipulations were loosened. By the end of 2014 Simon was allowed contact with the boy, who had by then also come to visit London. Lauren and Simon were finally able to establish a more normal relationship with each other, their son and his half-brother.

Simon once said that he regretted the affair. The way things played out was certainly not what he wanted or how he would have imagined becoming a first-time father. But he did admit that he was happy with what came out of it.

The eternal bachelor is even considering marriage. Lauren certainly seems to hope for it, but Simon has yet to pop the question.

Andrew has moved on as well. He became engaged to his new partner Sarah Zimmerman last year and apparently also had a baby with her a few months ago (there exists a baby registry under their names). Lauren confirmed that she’s happy for her ex-husband and that all four are now on good terms once more.


Lauren and Simon say cheese

Lauren and Simon say cheese

Simon & Lauren beach time with baby

Simon & Lauren beach time with baby

Lauren and Simon snapped at an event

Lauren and Simon snapped at an event

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