Kristen Wiig doesn’t need to get married again – one divorce is quite enough

Few know that comedy star Kristen Wiig has been married once before. Since she’s been there and done that, she rules out ever getting married again.

Divorce finalized in 2009

Kristen Wiig is a comedy queen. She’s one of those rare actors who don’t need to have a romantic interest in her movies and she’s proven that she can do dramatic as well as funny. Of course, she’s had had plenty of romantic interests in her movies, but rarely has she played the married woman.

Hayes Hargrove Kristen's ex husband

Hayes Hargrove Kristen’s ex husband

That’s true in real life as well. The SNL alumn has indeed been married once. Her chosen one had been Hayes Hargrove and the two were married in 2005. Incidentally, she started her stint on SNL in 2005 as well. In fact, her career has become very busy around the same time she became married and it’s only become busier since.

That cannot be said for then-husband Hayes Hargrove. As of now he has 21 acting credits to his name on IMDB, Kristen has 82.

The marriage fell apart and was over by 2009 when the divorce was finalized. It is likely to have started crumbling before that. Rarely does a marriage end all of a sudden. So, perhaps, the couple had three good years.

Kristen Wiig is very private about her private life. She keeps her work and her life separated and that’s fair enough. She’s never spoken about the reasons for her divorce. She’s barely ever spoken about the divorce or even her marriage.

Kristen snapped with boyfriend Fabrizio Moretti

Kristen snapped with boyfriend Fabrizio Moretti

She did speak about marriage and divorce in general terms, however. And she’s been very clear that she doesn’t want to get married again. Apparently it’s not for her and perhaps it never was. She herself is a child of divorce and doesn’t seem to believe in marriage. She knows that it happens that some people who didn’t think it was for them would get married anyway when they met someone who wanted to do it. Perhaps it was like that for her the first time around.

But she doesn’t seem to be a person who feels the need to be married. It also doesn’t sound as if she’s fond of the societal pressure especially on women to be married.

That doesn’t mean, however, that she doesn’t believe in relationships. Kristen has been with various men since her divorce. She’s most famously been with Fabrizio Moretti, though the relationship ended eventually.

Most recently she’s been seen out and about on holiday with actor Ali Rothman. Most unusually the two have been kissing quite publicly, which is not something notoriously shy Kristen is known for. Ali is apparently just as private as she is, too.

Now, at 43, Kristen certainly seems happy and she is ridiculously successful. She did say in the past that she’d hoped to become a mother at some point. Usually that means one would want to take the step with the right partner. Unfortunately the biological clock is ticking and if she still wants children, Kristen will have to get on that sooner rather than later.


Fabrizio & Kristen dayout

Fabrizio & Kristen dayout

Avi Rothman Kristen's current boyfriend

Avi Rothman Kristen’s current boyfriend


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