Kerry Washington won’t talk about her private life or any divorce rumours about her marriage

Kerry Washington has been married for three years now and recently divorce rumours made the rounds. She refuses to talk about her private life and thus doesn’t address those rumours either.

There are plenty of celebrities who live their lives quite out in the open. They sometimes have little choice when doing so, because paparazzi follow them everywhere. Younger celebrities often use their social media accounts, such as Twitter or Instagram, to connect with fans and showcase those parts of their lives that they are happy and willing to share.

Kerry and Nnamdi Asomugha being interviewed

Kerry and Nnamdi Asomugha being interviewed

But there are also plenty of celebrities who want no part in any of this. They have no social media accounts, never encourage paparazzi and won’t answer personal questions in interviews.

Kerry Washington of Scandal fame belongs to the latter category. She admits that she used to be more open and answer questions about her private life every once in a while. But eventually she realized that there is no middle ground. Once you start answering personal questions, any personal question may be asked, even those she wouldn’t want to answer.

So, nowadays, she refuses to answer questions about her private life at all. It seems therefore quite unsurprising that her wedding is considered to have been a secret one. She married retired NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha in June 2013 in Idaho with only her parents as witnesses. But one might also consider this simply a private wedding.

The two welcomed their first child, daughter Isabelle Amarachi, in April 2014.

Kerry once said that she does take private pictures that others might post on social media and would even be tempted to do so herself, simply sharing something adorable with the world. But instead she sends the picture to someone in the family or to a friend.

Late last year it was reported that she and Nnamdi were headed for divorce.

Kerry photoshoot with Nnamdi

Kerry photoshoot with Nnamdi

Apparently Kerry was fed up with the fact that Nnamdi has no aspirations any longer to have a career. For all intents and purposes he is a stay-at-home dad. Given that Kerry spends plenty of hours every day on the set of her TV show, it’s just as well that someone looks after the kid.

But according to so-called sources the two are strangers living under the same roof and have nothing to say to each other anymore.

Naturally, Kerry hasn’t said a word about her divorce. She doesn’t even deny the rumours. She simply re-affirmed her desire not to talk about her private life. It simply doesn’t work for her and she doesn’t seem to see a need to talk about it either – not even to deny rumours that may not be true.

Rumours seem to have been put to rest, however, when she and her husband showed up in April at the White House Correspondents’ dinner. They looked decidedly happy and nobody was even thinking that they might be headed for divorce.

When news emerged that Kerry was pregnant with the couple’s second child, people were more preoccupied with the question how this would affect her role as Olivia Pope and whether or not the pregnancy would be worked into the show. Few seemed to consider that this should very much quieten down any divorce rumours for good.

Kerry is definitely giddy with excitement over the pregnancy and very happy indeed. It seems all is well with her and Nnamdi and we needn’t worry about a divorce. If ever it does happen and the two will part ways, we are like not going to hear about it until long after it happened.


Nnamdi & Kerry snapped at an event

Nnamdi & Kerry snapped at an event

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