Kerry Katona’s third marriage was headed for divorce, but might be on the brink of reconciliation

Kerry Katona has been married three times. For now she’s been divorced twice and was headed for her third divorce earlier this year. But there are hints she might reconcile with her estranged third husband.

Divorces finalized in 2006 and 2012

Former Atomic Kitten and reality TV star Kerry Katona was famously married to Brian McFadden in 2002, though their first daughter was born in 2001. The second child, also a girl, was born in 2003. However, the couple separated in 2004 and finally divorced in 2006. Why the pop romance didn’t last is unknown. At the time the couple may still have been too busy with their respective lives to make it work together. But that is pure speculation.

Brian McFadden Kerry's first husband

Brian McFadden Kerry’s first husband

Kerry moved on to Mark Snow, who used to be a taxi driver. It’s not entirely clear how the two met, or when. But in January 2007, not very long after Kerry was divorced for the first time, the two married in a very small ceremony with only two friends as witnesses. She was very pregnant at the time and gave birth to her third daughter, the couple’s first child, only six days after the wedding.

In 2008 the family was joined by their son, Kerry’s only boy to date.

The marriage was wrought by troubles, however. Mark later admitted that he burned through Kerry’s millions. He came from nothing and had apparently no handle at all on their finances, once reportedly discarding a Ferrari, because it was too wide for the Sainsbury’s (a UK supermarket chain) car park. He didn’t even seem to feel particularly guilty about spending money that he hadn’t earned.

Kerry on the other hand didn’t stop her then-husband. She was not really in a shape to do so, suffering from drug problems for quite a few years. Mark denied that he ever supplied her with any drugs and even contended that he would fight for custody of their two children, if he ever found out that she would take drugs with them around.

As it was, Kerry filed for bankruptcy in 2008, after Mark had essentially wasted what was left of her fortune. She broke up with him in 2009, but they reconciled again. In 2011 their marriage was over for good, however, and the divorce was decreed in February 2012. The couple agreed that their two children would live with Kerry.

Once again Kerry moved on fairly quickly, announcing her fifth pregnancy in September 2013. A year later she married George Kay, the fatherof her fourth daughter, in a secret ceremony. Only 13 months later, however, Kerry separated from George. The reason behind the sudden split was an altercation that took place at the couple’s home. George apparently attacked Kerry with a taser and potentially a knife as well. Reports suggest that he suffered a sort of psychotic break after a bad mix of medication and alcohol.

Mark Croft Kerry's second husband

Mark Croft Kerry’s second husband

George was arrested and ordered to stay away from Kerry, their children and their home. In January she admitted that she was seeking legal counsel to proceed with a divorce. But she was still wearing her wedding ring, unable to take it off yet, because she was still very much in love with her estranged husband.

Whatever the reason behind the violent episode, the couple has been seen together again in the last few days and rumours abound that a reconciliation might be in the cards. Kerry never really seemed willing to move on from George, though the incident threw a lot of shade on their marriage. She went on record saying that she would never get married again after what would be her third divorce. She was deeply ashamed to be divorcing again anyway, feeling like a complete failure in that regard.

If she has reconciled with George, neither would be a problem, however. The charges against George for the attack back in October were dropped, because Kerry withdrew her statement, clearly unwilling to pursue the matter. Indeed, she had previously hoped to have another child with George.

For now the two seem to be at least on friendly terms. The divorce may very well off the table and if that is the case, we certainly hope that the October incident was indeed a one-time thing and that George has undergone treatment. Kerry has her children to consider as well and should not re-enter a volatile relationship simply because she can’t let go of George.


Kerry and George look glam!

Kerry and George look glam!

Kerry and Brian with daughters Molly & Lilly

Kerry and Brian with daughters Molly & Lilly

Kerry and George laugh out loud!

Kerry and George laugh out loud!

Kerry with third husband George Kay

Kerry with third husband George Kay

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