After much tragedy and three divorces, Kelsey Grammer may have finally found The One

Kelsey Grammar has led a life filled with tragedy and personal hardship and he’s never stopped looking for love or building the family he always wanted. After three failed marriages, he married for a fourth time. But is his fourth marriage the last one? So far it may just be.

A tragic life

Camille Donatacci Kelsey Grammer's third wife

Camille Donatacci Kelsey Grammer’s third wife

The first-time tragedy hit for Kelsey Grammer was when his father was killed by a man, who was later found not guilty by reason of insanity. Kelsey was still a child at the time and his father had been divorced from his mother for quite some time already. Kelsey and his father weren’t close at all, especially since his father had long since moved on, remarried and had more children. But it’s still tragic to lose a parent like that.

Kelsey’s greatest loss was that of his sister, who was abducted and raped and then brutally murdered when she was 18. Kelsey had been 20 at the time and was away at college. The perpetrators were later apprehended and trialled and one of them received the death penalty. In an interview, Kelsey once admitted that he would like to be the one to push the button.

In the same interview, he had said that all he ever wanted was a family of the traditional kind. He didn’t have that growing up and he hadn’t been able to establish it during his first two marriages.

Kelsey and the women he tried to build a family with

Indeed, his first marriage was over after two years, but the couple was separated for six years before the divorce was finalized. That was in 1990. Kelsey and his ex-wife Doreen Alderman had daughter Spencer together, who is a soap actress these days and mother to Kelsey’s first grandchild.

Kelsey had a long-term relationship to Cerlette Lammé but cheated on her with Barrie Bruckner, who became the mother of his second daughter. Kelsey’s and Cerlette’s relationship only ended, however, when he left her for his second wife, Leigh-Anne Csuhany, who had been an exotic dancer and who was ten years younger than Cerlette.

Kelsey and Leigh-Anne married quickly, “just as soon as his black eye had healed”, Kelsey once said. Leigh-Anne was extremely abusive in their relationship and Kelsey let most of it happen, only later admitting that the only way he defended himself was by sitting on her, asking her to stop. After nine months of marriage, he had had enough and went to the police after she threatened to kill him. He asked for a restraining order and Leigh-Anne’s eviction from their home.

He requested an annulment instead of a divorce and gave his reason as ‘fraud’ and ‘unsound mind’. He also wanted full custody of their unborn child. Leigh-Anne had been three months pregnant when all of this went down. She lost the child when she attempted suicide with five bottles of Tylenol mixed with alcohol.

Kelsey broke reportedly all ties with his ex-wife.

Addiction and a third attempt at marriage

His personal history and problematic relationships resulted in Kelsey becoming a drug addict. He’s had problems for quite a few years and went into rehab for the first time in the 80s. But only in the 90s did he manage to break away from his addictions and sober up.

Camille Donatacci and Kelsey Grammer say cheese

Camille Donatacci and Kelsey Grammer say cheese

In 1997 Kelsey finally married again. His 3rd wife was Camille Donatacci, who was a former Playboy model. After the two were divorced, Kelsey said Camille started to complain right after the wedding and kept asking for a divorce. He said she was unhappy from day 1. Oddly enough, the two seemed to be happy for the longest time. They had two children together, who were both born via surrogacy.

But Kelsey also said that Camille had been under the impression that she was marrying his Frasier character and that she had only married him for fame. It begs the question of how they managed to stay married for 13 years before they finally filed for divorce.

Another contentious divorce

Why not get out if they were unhappy? Kelsey was no stranger to divorce and if there was no hope of maintaining that traditional family he had been hoping to have with Camille, then why prolong the torture?

The divorce was contentious, though it went down without many troubles. It was finalized in February 2011 and Camille, who had had her first appearance on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills by that time, reportedly wished Kelsey and his new fiancée Kayte Walsh only the best. But she also expressed hope that her communication with Kelsey would improve and they could co-parent their two young children.

Well, it did not improve at all. Kelsey married for the fourth time two weeks after his third divorce was finalized.

Finally happy with Kayte?

For now, he seems truly happy with Kayte. After suffering one miscarriage, she gave birth to their first child together and two years later followed another one. They did lose a twin in-utero, which had to be removed. But with two healthy children, Kelsey does seem to have finally found his nuclear family. Lest we forget all the other children he has had, though.

Camille, on the other hand, has called Kelsey all kinds of names lately and claims that he doesn’t speak to her at all, not even when it comes to the welfare of their shared children. For a time, they had fought about the custody arrangements and Kelsey had proposed that their son should live with him and their daughter should live with Camille. It doesn’t seem as if it came to that and Camille seems to have primary physical custody for both children.

She claims that when she was diagnosed with cancer and went through surgery and radiation, she had reached out to Kelsey’s camp, but had never heard back. If that’s true, it seems like a pretty low blow. The two did share 13 years together and one would think that that counts for something.

Perhaps Kelsey simply wants to leave all negativity behind him, however. One would hope his older children won’t suffer because of that. After everything he has been through in his life (including nearly dying in 2008), he does deserve some happiness, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of others.


Leigh Anne Csuhany Kelsey Grammer's second wife

Leigh Anne Csuhany Kelsey Grammer’s second wife

Camille Donatacci and Kelsey Grammer dressed up for an event

Camille Donatacci and Kelsey Grammer dressed up for an event

Kayte Grammer Kelsey Grammer's fourth & current wife

Kayte Grammer Kelsey Grammer’s fourth & current wife

Kelsey with Kayte and daughter Faith

Kelsey with Kayte and daughter Faith

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