Kelly Dodd is finally divorced after a failed attempt six years ago

Kelly Dodd and husband Michael had been together for 11 years before Kelly announced her plans to divorce him. Michael sought to fight for the custody of their daughter and eventually the divorce was finalized in February 2018. Kelly wants to be friends with him, but Michael is still rather unhappy.

The beginning of their relationship

Kelly Dodd and Michael Dodd

Kelly Dodd and Michael Dodd

Kelly and Michael Dodd have been together since at least 2004. How long they may have known each other before that is unclear. It’s also not quite clear when they married, because we have found no official date. Instead, we heard 2006 and 2007 mentioned. Somewhere around that time in any case.

They provided added drama with their constant arguments, whether they were big or small, and Kelly had the opportunity to complain to the other cast members about him.

Michael is more than ten years older than Kelly. The two only really made it onto our radars when Kelly signed up to star on Real Housewives of Orange County, however. Thus, we also can’t be certain just how happy their marriage has been throughout the years. They were never very happy during their time on RHOC.

They did manage to have a daughter together, Jolie.

Trying to divorce in 2012

About six years into their marriage, Kelly seems to have had enough. She filed for divorce from Michael. The reasons behind her filing are pure speculation. Whatever the issue has been between the two of them, it doesn’t seem likely that they’ve changed between now and then. On RHOC the two have been seen constantly bickering. Perhaps it is simply a fundamental clash of characters. Perhaps there was passion and attraction in the beginning, but their differences tear them apart.

Kelly and Michael say party hard

Kelly and Michael say party hard

Eventually, they decided to give it another try and stick together, putting the divorce on hold. They did share a daughter and Kelly has called Michael her best friend, who always has her back.

Reconciling and appearing on RHOC

Once more, it’s difficult for us to gauge when the two decided to give love another chance if love indeed it was. In 2016 Kelly joined the main cast of Real Housewives of Orange County. Naturally, Michael featured on the show as well. It was her marriage to him, after all, that made her an ideally suited cast member.

And it seems the two fit in just nicely.

In the end, however, the two simply couldn’t hold onto their marriage any longer and Kelly once again announced in September 2017 that it was really over this time.

Getting divorced for real

Whilst it is unclear when Kelly filed for divorce, it must have been around that same time or even earlier. We don’t know whether the original divorce filing was still in existence, but usually, such cases are eventually thrown out. It seems unlikely that any court would put a hold on a divorce for five years.

Things did not proceed amicably. In October 2017 it was reported that Michael had decided to go for full custody of their daughter. To that effect, he had apparently ‘lawyered up’ and argued that Kelly simply travelled around too much and had too unsteady a life for their daughter to be properly settled. She needed a stable home, something he could provide.

Beyond that, we heard very little else.

In February, then, Kelly officially tweeted that the divorce was final and that she was “over the moon happy”. That suggests at the very least that she was happy the ordeal was over. But it might also indicate that the settlement was finalized in her favour.

There has been no mention of any details regarding settlement or custody agreements. Nobody reported any details and we can only assume that the ex-couple has managed to sort things out between them, hopefully to the benefit of everyone involved.

Kelly later commented that she was ready to move on. She had moved out of the shared home, which was later sold, and she hoped to be friends with Michael once again. He was apparently still upset with her, however, but she believed he would get over it eventually.

We’ll see the continuation of her journey on RHOC. Whether or not the divorce will be featured in the new season is not yet clear, though.


Kelly and Michael say cheese

Kelly and Michael say cheese

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