Nobody seems to know what the truth is in Jules and Michael Wainstein’s divorce

Michael and Jules Wainstein were only on Real Housewives of New York for one season. Now in the middle of a contentious divorce, their story is full of conflicting information.

Michael & Jules being interviewed

Michael & Jules being interviewed

Jules and Michael Wainstein are getting divorced. That much is certain. We also know that the two have been married for eight years and that they share two children. They moved into the limelight when Jules became a cast member on season 8 of Real Housewives of New York. Needless to say that Michael was on camera as well.

But as we already know, we never see the full picture and once an episode or the whole season of RHONY is edited, we are presented with a story, but never the full one.

In June it became widely known that Jules and Michael were heading for divorce. At the time Michael’s attorney claimed that Jules had been presented with divorce papers on the 13th May. But Jules apparently held off on responding and the divorce was not announced until a few weeks later, coinciding with the airing of a RHONY episode. Some didn’t think it a coincidence.

In July the news were full of the couple’s impending divorce and things started to get nasty. Once again it was reported that Michael had filed for divorce, but new documents seemed to indicate that he had only filed in July. Something smells fishy and the different sources certainly don’t add up to a clear timeline.

Jules and Michael with kids

Jules and Michael with kids

Interestingly the couple also accused each other of violent behaviour during the summer. Once again it was Michael’s attorney who claimed that Jules had attacked her husband back in 2012. The accusation sounded as if the towering figure of Jules had beat down on a shorter and meek Michael, who still held himself bravely.

Jules might be quite a bit taller than Michael, but he is most certainly a lot heavier with more muscle mass. Jules is no more than a waif and even if she attacked him (the allegations can’t really be proven), Michael would likely not have sustained much damage and could have defended himself.

Still, none of us are privy to what actually happened and thus far we are only looking at a he said/she said scenario. Jules did claim to feel threatened by her estranged husband on more than one occasion and she even managed to get a temporary restraining order against him.

Whilst the two don’t seem to need a third party in their nasty divorce case, very early on it was claimed that Michael had been cheating on Jules, which had been the main reason for her to want the divorce. On the other hand it also seems as if Michael had been the first to file for divorce. He blamed Jules’ appearance on RHONY for the separation and their ongoing issues.

It can’t be denied that Jules had been over the moon happy when she was cast for RHONY and that she had admitted to her reality TV star ambitions. Apparently she wanted to be famous. Michael was not up for it and he claimed that she became an insufferable drama queen, which made it impossible for him to continue living with her.

Yet, we hardly saw that drama queen on TV. Jules had been widely considered to be a genuinely nice person who offered, if anything, not enough drama for the show. Only after her divorce made the news became the drama apparent and Jules even had a few spats with Bethenny Frankel, her co-star, who claimed she had known about the divorce for months – indeed far longer than anybody else. Jules was not impressed.

Jules and Michael pose for a photoshoot

Jules and Michael pose for a photoshoot

Doubters believe that the divorce had been a long time coming, though, some even suspected that it had been in the works since before Jules had signed up to star on RHONY. However, Jules will not be returning for another season on the reality TV hit show, which seems to belie those claims. She also said that she wants to take care of her children and protect their privacy, which also doesn’t seem to indicate that she is solely out for fame.

To make matters even more salacious, Michael has quite obviously been dating another woman, who is also still currently married. The woman in question is Elyse Bensusan and whilst the two are trying to keep under the radar, they have been buying furnishings together, which reportedly go into a house that is supposed to become their love nest. By now it probably already is.

Whilst it’s been said that the two have first met each other at a nightclub back in January, it’s not clear since when they have been seeing each other. Elyse and her husband are separated, though, and Michael has repeatedly said that he didn’t cheat on Jules.

The Wainstein divorce is not yet settled, but Jules is getting $10,000 monthly support from Michael, which covers spousal and child support. She had initially demanded a sum of $25,000, but Michael had said he couldn’t afford that and a judge had granted Jules $10,000 for the time being.

Chances are Jules wants as much money from Michael as possible and potentially at least sole physical custody of their children. Details aren’t known, however. And given how things have been going, it could be a while before the estranged couple settles.


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