Jon and Kate Gosslin’s reality TV life became extra real when they headed for divorce

Jon and Kate Gosslin were married for 10 years and had eight children before their relationship broke apart in a public and messy divorce. Years later they are still not at peace

Divorce finalized in December 2009

Jon and Kate Gosslin married in 1999. The two would never have become a reality TV couple if it hadn’t been for the birth of their sextuplet. They already had twins at the time, which meant all of a sudden they had eight kids.

Jon's ex wife Kate Major

Jon’s ex wife Kate Major

For five years they all starred on the successful reality TV show Jon and Kate plus 8, which obviously has a nice ring to it. Their relationship drama ended up playing out quite publicly on the show as well, when they announced in June 2009 that they decided to split.

Before that happened Jon had been spotted with another woman out and about and apparently had even gone vacationing with her, whilst his family was in their Pennsylvania home. When Jon and Kate made their announcement to split, they made no accusations towards each other. They also made sure to let everyone know that the show itself was not to be blamed.

But the stress had been building up. Jon’s alleged affair turned out to be a real affair. Kate was also suspected to have an affair with the family’s security guard, who is a married man. That allegation seems to be entirely untrue.

Jon later said that the marriage was over for him in January 2009. He even knew the exact date. He felt as if he was in a business relationship rather than a marriage and seems to have been profoundly unhappy.

Kate was no better off. It’s not clear if Jon’s philandering ways added to her misery, but she publicly said she had cried herself to sleep for a long time. It was also quite difficult to put up a happy front, when she was crying on the inside.

Liz Jannetta Jon's new girlfriend

Liz Jannetta Jon’s new girlfriend

Clearly the relationship had long stopped to be a loving one. It had become toxic for both of them, but Kate seemed to be the one, who was a control freak, which didn’t much help the situation.

Whilst the couple avoided saying that they were divorcing in their announcement, the divorce was filed rather quickly. The two hauled accusations not only at each other, but spoke about each other at every turn, and usually not in a nice way.

Even though Jon was prepared to drag the divorce out, it ended up being finalized in December 2009. Apparently a reasonably amicable settlement had been made, but the details are not known.

That didn’t spell the end of their fighting, however. They continued to talk badly about each other, though it was less excessive than during their divorce.

Jon went on to live a bachelor life. Whilst he’s still involved in his children’s life, he has plenty of time to date women; one of them is Liz Janetta, with whom he has been for quite some time now. But the two cheated on each other as well, resulting in a stint on the reality TV show Couples Therapy.

Kate has moved on from her marriage and claims to have been happier than ever since the divorce. Whilst she’s hardly been dating for most of the last six years, she’s gone back to doing reality TV, now starring in Kate plus 8. She doesn’t agree with her ex-husband’s lifestyle and doesn’t really want to talk about him.

She also doesn’t want to be asked about dating people, but apparently she very recently did get back into the dating game. She’s still only 40 years old and whilst eight kids are certainly a handful, the children are growing up and Kate is unlikely to stay single forever.


Kate and Jon's wedding

Kate and Jon’s wedding

Kate and Jon say cheese

Kate and Jon say cheese

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