Johnny Weir’s marriage to Victor Voronov was followed by a nasty divorce battle

Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov were married for just over two years and managed to instigate one of the nastiest divorce fights in recent history.

Divorce finalized in 2015

Straight couples don’t have the monopoly on marriage anymore and apparently not on divorce either. A same-sex couple that can get married, can most certainly also get divorced. That proves once and for all that sexuality isn’t what makes or breaks a marriage, it’s people. And two people inside a marriage that is not good for either one of them are probably better off divorced. But sometimes you don’t figure this out until it’s too late.

Johnny and Victor say cheese

Johnny and Victor say cheese

Johnny Weir only came out in January 2011, but then he did so in full force and by the end of that same year he was married to Victor Voronov, a lawyer of Russian Jewish decent.

Johnny’s career as a figure skater was pretty much over by that time. He had won his three national titles and gone to the previous two Winter Olympics. The next Olympic games he would attend in Sochi would see him no longer on the ice but commenting on what happened on it instead.

There are a few pictures of Johnny and Victor posing happily together and everything indicates that they were happy for a while. But apparently Victor gave up his career in order to fully support Johnny, which didn’t work out too well in the end.

By January 2014 the relationship seems to have broken down to the point that Johnny filed divorce papers on the 12th February. Initially it was said that Victor was heartbroken and blind-sided over the divorce filing, but Johnny alleged that they had previously discussed it and that Victor shouldn’t have been surprised.

The break-up was only properly announced on the 19th March 2014 and initially Johnny wished Victor well. But for whatever reason, Johnny then began accusing Victor of physical and emotional abuse, which was followed by a nasty he said/he said battle between the exes that stretched across several months and covered all kinds of allegations in the process.

Victor, for instance, accused Johnny of infidelity and insinuated that Johnny had been violent towards him as well. It seems Johnny has a penchant for biting.

Johnny and Victor posing

Johnny and Victor posing

By April things seemed to be looking up and Victor agreed to move back into the couple’s home, but only if Johnny apologized to him publicly. In turn Johnny issued a ‘post-nuptial’ agreement, which touched on a number of subjects including what counted as infidelity.

Predictably the two did not reconcile after all and the spat continued.

In May, only a month later, Johnny posted on Twitter that he and Victor were back together, which turned out to be another short-lived affair, because only two weeks later, after a physical altercation, the two were broken up once more.

After that the estranged couple remained broken up and made no further attempts at reconciliation. Instead they were fighting over a Fabergé egg and their little dog. Victor also wanted spousal support. At some point Victor then decided to sue Johnny for defamation, because Johnny had accused him publicly of trying to rape him during one of their altercations. He also took issue with Johnny’s insinuation that he had STD’s (specifically Herpes).

It doesn’t seem as if that suit went anywhere, because there is no further mention of it.

Ultimately the divorce was settled about a year after it was first filed. Johnny is said to have kept the dog and the Fabergé egg and Victor received $1,000 in monthly spousal support.

Whether any of the accusations either of the two made were actually true is debatable. For some reason they decided to really fight each other after the break-up and they both took on the role of drama queens. Whilst domestic abuse is not to be trifled with, there is very little evidence that things got so out of hand that either of them were ever seriously injured. Victor has been interviewed showing a off a few scrapes and marks from alleged fights, though he certainly made a show of it by using unnecessarily huge band aids for minor injuries.

The whole affair smacks a little too much of hurt egos and a kindergarten fights than serious spousal abuse. Since no charges were ever pursued (in one case filed and dropped a day later), it doesn’t seem as if things were as serious as they made them out to be.

In the meantime Johnny seems to be out for random dates and Victor is said to be engaged to a 20-year old ice dancer.


Johnny and Victor snapped at an event

Johnny and Victor snapped at an event

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