What’s behind the persistent divorce rumours of Jimmy Fellon from wife Nancy Juvonen?

For over two years divorce rumours have followed comedy late night host Jimmy Fallon and his wife persistently. Things got worse when he was spotted without wearing his wedding band, though there was a very good reason for that. For now the two seem to be going strong, but why do the rumours persist?

Married for 10 years

Jimmy Fallon and Nancy Juvonen say cheese

Jimmy Fallon and Nancy Juvonen say cheese

Jimmy Fallon was introduced to Nancy Juvonen sometime around April 2007, reportedly by her best friend Drew Barrymore. It must have been pretty much love at first sight, because the two quickly jumped into a whirlwind romance and in August that year Jimmy proposed in a romantic setting and Nancy said ‘yes’.

Four months later the two were married.

It’s certainly interesting to note that Jimmy was 33 at the time and Nancy 40. He called her ‘the coolest girl in the world’ and seemed utterly smitten. Still, they waited a few years before expanding their family. In 2013 they welcomed their first daughter, Winnie Rose, in 2013 and had their second daughter, Frances Cole, a year later. Both children were born via surrogacy.

Despite their somewhat unusual age difference the two have been the picture perfect happy couple ever since. Or at least for the longest time.

Divorce rumours and drinking problems

Jimmy and Nancy dayout

Jimmy and Nancy dayout

Since 2015 divorce rumours have been making the rounds. It’s somewhat unclear how they first emerged, but they have been pretty persistent ever since. Apart from the fact that there’s no concrete evidence of a rife between Jimmy and Nancy, the rumours mostly address Jimmy’s drinking and his appeal to the ladies.

It’s been said that Jimmy drinks and parties just a little too much and that he may even have an alcohol problem. Nancy reportedly has enough of both and it doesn’t help that Jimmy has a certain appeal with the ladies, mostly due to his boyish charm.

Yet pictures of the two always show them happy. Obviously we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, but Jimmy and Nancy have always shown a united front and don’t really appear without one another at public events, also sharing their private joy on social media.

Obviously no marriage is perfect, but considering their age difference and their very short courtship, it seems most people are rather surprised that they are still married after ten years.

Still, some consider his freak accident, where he nearly severed his ring finger after stumbling and catching his wedding band on some corner, a warning sign. Rumour has it that he was drunk when it happened. And later he chipped a tooth, which some also attributed to a drunk accident.

Jimmy addressed the rumours of his drinking problems earlier in 2017 and proclaimed them false. He said that he could not do his day-to-day job if he were an alcoholic, drinking heavily every day.

The ring stays off!

After his freakish accident that nearly severed his finger, the wedding ring obviously had to come off. After surgery and during recovery there was simply no way to wear the ring und all the bandages. Jimmy advised that full functionality has never returned to the finger and there is obviously scar tissue as well. He was supposed to undergo surgery once more, but such injuries never full heal and especially injuries to the hand are difficult to recover from because of all the nerves. They are rather delicate instruments.

Whilst still wearing his bandage, Jimmy already told some paparazzi who stalked him that he would not put the ring back on his finger. Indeed, by the sound of it he would never put it on again, even though he loves his wife. The ring needed to be repaired after the accident anyway and it’s understandable that wearing it again after sustaining such an injury, no matter the circumstances, would be a little traumatic.

Will they last?

The rumours that Jimmy and Nancy are about to divorce have persisted over the last two years, but Jimmy and Nancy have persisted as well. And for all appearances they seem to be going strong.

Nobody can predict whether a couple, married or not, manages to stay together. If they want to stay together and manage to overcome difficulties, making it through the hard times together, they stand a chance at growing old together.

From what we’ve observed and experienced it seems to be what most people want: a constant, loving and reliable companion. Regardless of the other relationships we foster in our lives, having that one partner that walks the walk with us is something most of us want.

Celebrity couples face unique difficulties on top of everything else a couple may face. It is utterly dependent on the two involved whether or not they can make it.

Jimmy and Nancy appear happy on the outside and hopefully they are happy on the inside as well.

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Nancy and Jimmy with their cutiepie!

Nancy and Jimmy with their cutiepie!

Jimmy and Nancy look cheerful

Jimmy and Nancy look cheerful

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