Jim Edmonds headed for another divorce in 2016 after his last divorce was only in 2014?

Jim Edmonds is married for the 3rd time. After getting divorced for the second time in 2014, 2015 brought new divorce rumours for him from wife number three.

Divorce finalized in 2014

Jim Edmonds divorced his second wife last year sometime before October, which was when he married wife number three.

Meghan and Jim pose in an aircraft

Meghan and Jim pose in an aircraft

His first marriage was the longest thus far, though we don’t precisely know when and how long Jim was married to LeAnn. Their younger daughter is 17. Tragically LeAnn succumbed to cancer earlier this year.

But Jim and LeAnn seemed to have divorced reasonably amicably and his third wife was quite close to her.

Edmonds married his second wife Allison Raski in 2008, though we don’t know how long before that they’ve been dating. The two probably didn’t split entirely amicably, because by 2013 Jim was seeing Meghan, wife number three. Allison and Jim divorced sometime in 2014. They have two kids together and a shared custody agreement. But other divorce details are not known. Nowadays they are said to be on reasonably good terms, however.

We do know that Meghan King and Allison don’t get along. Meghan does like the children and has spent time with them, often posting pictures of herself and the kids on social media, something that Allison is said not to be entirely fond of.

Jim with third wife Meghan

Jim with third wife Meghan

Meghan and Jim married in October 2014, within months of his second divorce. Allison was probably not impressed with the speediness of things. Given her dislike for Meghan that can’t be a surprise.

It’s also quite likely that it is Allison who considers upstart Meghan a gold digger. Meghan and Jim just joined season 10 of Real Housewives of Orange County and are therefore very new to the show and its existing cast. But already rumours about the couple have made the rounds.

Of course, RHOC lives of drama on those unReal Housewives are incredibly apt at creating it. Alliances are forged and feuds are started rather deliberately. But Jim Edmonds doesn’t seem to delight in it.

Apparently he very clearly told Meghan off for involving him in the drama and he wants to be left out of it, because he simply doesn’t care one bit about it.

Consequently divorce rumours began to swirl before Meghan and Jim had been married a year. Additionally Meghan is said to be quite jealous of Allison and any other women Jim might be talking to. His relationship to ex-wife Allison would rile her in particular, because Jim makes the effort of visiting St. Louis regularly, where Allison still lives with their two children. Naturally Jim wants to see their kids, but at the same time he’s also seeing Allison.

Meghan has not endeared herself with many people and at this stage we sincerely doubt that her marriage to Jim Edmonds is the one to last. They have barely stood the test of time yet, so we’ll see what happens next.

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LeAnn Edmonds Horton – Jim's first wife

LeAnn Edmonds Horton – Jim’s first wife

Allison Raski Jim's second wife

Allison Raski Jim’s second wife

Meghan and Jim say cheese

Meghan and Jim say cheese

Allison Raski and Jim Edmonds with kids

Allison Raski and Jim Edmonds with kids

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