Love boat actress Jill Whelan is at the end of her rope in her on-going divorce case

Two years after filing for her second divorce, Jill Whelan requested spousal support, claiming to be broke while her estranged husband lives lavishly. The divorce is still not finalized.

Actress Jill with first husband Brad St. John

Actress Jill with first husband Brad St. John

Jill Whelan started work on popular TV show The Love Boat when she was 11 years old. She was 19 when the show ended and her career for the most part with it. Jill has worked comparatively little as an actor in the years since the show ended.

She was married to Brad St. John between 1993 and 1996. The couple had a son. It’s not known why the marriage fell apart, but it was probably only happy for the briefest amount of time given how soon it ended.

In 2004 she married again, this time Michael Chaykowsky with whom she also had a son. Since Jill Whelan is well and truly a so-called has-been, little is known of her private life. She had a few appearances here and there; sometimes they were Love Boat related. She also had a few guest roles on TV, but for the most part it seems she relied on her husband’s income and perhaps residuals from Love Boat re-runs.

In June 2014 the news made the rounds that Jill had filed for divorce from her husband. She merely cited irreconcilable differences, but interestingly requested full legal and physical custody of their son. She also wanted spousal support.

After that we didn’t hear about the actor or the divorce for two years. Indeed, one could have assumed that the divorce was settled quietly, as such things go with people who are no longer in the spotlight. But in January we learned that the divorce was apparently not a done deal yet and that Jill requested spousal support more vocally this time around.

No matter how long somebody has been out of the limelight, as soon as there are bad news to report on, we will hear about them again.

Jill with second husband Michael Chaykowsky

Jill with second husband Michael Chaykowsky

We learned that Jill only had $5,000 in assets and was struggling to support herself. There is very little work for a female actor of her age. And since she has had few engagements on the small screen to begin with, she’s probably not really in demand either.

To support her claim, she filed documents saying that Michael earns $126,000 per year and lives in a 10-bedroom house on a large property.  It’s not known what he does for a living, but clearly he is pretty well off.

For the time being the divorce does not seem settled yet. One would hope that Michael is paying at least child-support. Jill should be entitled to at least some spousal support. Hopefully the divorce is over and done with soon. But if Jill continues to struggle or things turn nasty, we will certainly here about it.


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