Jill Scott did not divorce ex Lyzel Williams because he refused her food

It’s been quoted a few times that Jill Scott divorced her ex-husband Lyzel Williams because he wouldn’t eat her cooking. Somehow a symptom was mistaken for a cause here.

Divorce finalized 2007

Jill Scott and Lyzel Williams were together for seven years before they were married in 2001. Sadly their marriage didn’t manage to last even six years. They were divorced again in 2007.

Lyzel Williams Jill Scott's ex husband

Lyzel Williams Jill Scott’s ex husband

It’s been reported frequently that the reason Jill divorced Lyzel was the fact that he wouldn’t eat her cooking. That’s of course utterly ridiculous. Yes, she did say that Lyzel stopped to eat the food she had made for him, but that was not the reason she ended the marriage.

There is a profound difference between cause and effect. What caused Lyzel to stop eating his wife’s food was not that it, in fact, did not taste good enough. If you listen to what Jill actually said, you’ll find that her estranged husband Lyzel was angry about a number of things.

She never elaborated what those things were. She never really said much about her divorce from her husband at all, neither did Lyzel for that matter. She only said he was angry about stuff. And he expressed that anger by refusing to eat what she had cooked.

In other words, not eating her cooking was not the reason they broke up, it was merely a symptom of what caused the break-up. Ultimately it was the sign that prompted Jill to realize that their love story was well and truly over. Having her cooking refused hurt her and she took the necessary steps to ultimately end her marriage.

She recognized that it was time to go and so she left.

Lil John Roberts Jill's current boyfriend

Lil John Roberts Jill’s current boyfriend

It certainly sounds as if Jill is a bit of a romantic and on top of that she wants all or nothing in a relationship. For a while she dated her drummer Lil John Roberts with whom she ended up having a son. The two were briefly engaged but called of their relationship before they walked down the aisle.

Jill is still looking for love, but she’s in no hurry to get there. It will happen when it happens and when it does, she wants it all, including marriage. She won’t be going into a half-hearted relationship and her future husband will need to love her as unconditionally as she is ready to love him.

For now the only man in her life is her little boy, who is turning 7 this year. She needs nothing else and she will certainly find love again in due time.

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