Jason Sehorn’s and Angie Harmon’s split has been a long time coming, but divorced they are not

That all was not well between the couple has been fairly obvious for at least six months prior to the announcement of their separation in November 2014. But when will they divorce?

Angie Harmon began dating Jason Sehorn after his first divorce in 1997. Not really keen to talk about her private life, she even refused to give Jay Leno her boyfriend’s name when he interviewed her back in March 2000. But Jay was in on a little secret, which resulted in one of the most famous and widely regarded as one of the most romantic Hollywood proposals ever.

Angie and Jason at an event

Angie and Jason at an event

Jay called Jason on stage, who then basically just dropped down on his knee, completely surprising Angie, and proposed to her. Needless to say she accepted. Later on the show the couple were even serenaded by Elton John, who happened to be a guest as well.

In June 2001 the couple was married.

They went on to have three daughters together and whilst Jason’s NFL career ended, Angie’s career as an actor did not. In fact, since she started her stint on popular TNT show Rizzoli and Isles in 2010 she has been more successful and thus busy than ever before.

And it seems that that was the downfall of their marriage. Whilst Jason found work as a commentator and analyst of college football games, he and the girls lived in North Carolina. But Angie primary worked in Los Angeles, which meant that she rarely saw her husband and her daughters. Of course she made an effort to see or meet them every weekend, but that sort of thing is never easy.

Initially she didn’t want the girls to live in Los Angeles, because she wanted to keep them away from the Hollywood life style. Whilst commendable, it can’t be easy for her as a mother to be separated so long from her daughters.

Eventually the girls moved to Los Angeles after all, but apparently Jason did not.

As evidenced by a restraining order Angie took out against a homeless woman, who kept trespassing on her property and threatening her family, she placed herself, her daughters, the nanny and a friend living at the property under protection, but not her husband. That was in June 2014.

There’s obviously no need to protect someone, who is never there.

In November 2014 the couple announced that they were separating, but it appears to have been an amicable split. There’s no indication of anyone cheating on anyone else and this is truly a case of two people simply falling out of love.

Interestingly at least back in January Angie has still been seen wearing her wedding band. And there has been no news whatsoever that either of the two has actually filed for divorce. Both are devout Catholics, which makes a divorce pretty hard anyway, but apart from actually separating, it doesn’t appear as if anyone is in any hurry to file.

Should either Jason or Angie find that they want to move on, especially if they are falling for somebody else, chances are that a divorce will be filed at some point in the future. But at least Angie is busy with her show and her kids and currently unlikely to be seeing anybody.

It seems more likely that Jason will move on sooner.

Given how private Angie is, however, there may well be a chance that she divorces her estranged husband without anyone really noticing.

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It's party time for Angie and Jason

It’s party time for Angie and Jason

Angie and Jason with three daughters

Angie and Jason with three daughters

Jason Sehorn & Angie Harmon look happy

Jason Sehorn & Angie Harmon look happy

Angie and Jason with their cutiepie

Angie and Jason with their cutiepie

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