Jason and Wendy Flom have yet to come to a financial agreement regarding their divorce

Jason and Wendy Flom were married for 20 years before the couple separated in 2010. Their divorce soon turned nasty, when they began fighting over his $100 Mio fortune.

Divorced since 2015

It’s been said that Jason and Wendy Flom’s separation came rather unexpected. One gets the impression that Jason left his wife of 20 years from one day to the next. It’s not entirely clear who filed for divorce first, but at some point they would have both made a filing regarding their divorce.

Jason and Wendy prior to divorce

Jason and Wendy prior to divorce

Whilst it’s been claimed that the divorce was initially amicable, the two have their two children to consider, after all, it has since turned pretty nasty.

Wendy claimed that she was entitled to half of Jason’s fortune. She previously worked for Atlantic Records herself, which is where she met Jason. She was an exec at Atlantic at some point in her career. Jason founded Lava Records, their main point of contention, in 1995, but withdrew from the company in 2005, only to return in 2009. Wendy says she played a role in his forming of the company and supported her then-husband throughout his ventures.

Jason on the other hand denied that she had anything to do with Lava Records.

It’s unlikely that she didn’t have anything to do with his career, the two were married for 20 years and they worked in the same business. If she would have had nothing to do with it at all, one would have to wonder what the two ever talked about.

But the burden of proof would be on Wendy in this case. She would have to convince the judge that she has a valid claim.

The couple’s divorce proceedings began in 2010, but they have been unable to arrive at a financial agreement in the intervening six years. Initially it appears that their lawyers simply didn’t get enough court time to argue their cases, so the thing kept dragging on. But there also seems to be a certain unwillingness on Jason’s part to engage his ex-wife. He says he’s concentrating on his children and his business. Apparently he’ll only make a court appearance if necessary.

In the meantime the divorce was apparently decreed sometime last year. But the finances are still up in the air.

It’s been reported recently that Wendy Flom is all but broke these days. She’s behind on payments for her apartment and apparently also owes maintenance payments. A ‘friend’ is even said to have claimed that Wendy is barely able to pay for groceries. And she doesn’t receive child support either. Though their older child is 21, the younger one is 16 and is therefore still eligible for child support.

It is a curious case. Is Wendy Flom really so insistent on getting what she considers her due, to risk her current financial situation, her happiness and health, let alone that of her children, to opt for a lesser settlement instead? Surely she is entitled to alimony.

Apparently the house the couple owned in Aspen was put on the market in order to split the proceeds as part of the settlement. It sounds as if there is an order that everything is to be sold, so the money can simply be split, because there’s no other way to settle the finances and assets.

Whilst the house was put on the market, it’s unclear if it has been sold yet.

Meanwhile Jason has long moved on from his ex-wife. He’s had multiple relationships, some short and some long-term. Wendy’s only purpose in life seems to have been to battle her ex for money. Though we’re hoping she’s taken care of her children as well. But she doesn’t seem to have made much of an effort to get back to work in order to make a living for herself.

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