Will Jane Seymour marry a fifth time once her divorce from James Keach is settled?

After three short marriages, Jane Seymour thought she had found happily ever after with James Keach. But after 20 years they are now divorcing as well.

Jane with her first husband Michael Attenborough

Jane with her first husband Michael Attenborough

Her first two marriages were rather short-lived. Jane Seymour’s marriage to Michael Attenborough lasted about two years; her second to Geoffrey Planer hardly even one.

When she married David Flynn in 1981 it seemed to be a more successful union. The couple had two children together, but in 1992, after eleven years, Jane Seymour was divorced for the third time. And yet, she still seemed to believe in marriage, because in 1993 she went down the aisle with her fourth husband-to-be James Keach.

This time, she said, it was her happily-ever-after. She truly believed it and the couple was certainly happy for a long time. With James she had twin sons in 1995.

Jane and James had a private marriage and it is therefore not entirely clear what happened. Whilst Jane has not come forth with a precise reason for the dissolution of her marriage, she did speak out about it recently. When the split was announced in April 2013, the couple had already been separated for a few months and have been working on negotiating the terms of their divorce. But they also said that they would continue to co-parent their then underage sons, and that they would continue their business partnerships as well as continued charity collaborations.

Jane then filed for legal separation in October 2013. She requested joint legal and physical custody for their sons, but apparently no spousal support; outside of that neither Jane nor James have spoken about the divorce.

Until December 2014.

Whilst she did not mention any reasons for the split or how things were proceeding with the divorce, she did say that it was a hard thing to do and that she had cried many times. Divorce happens to many people, but she probably didn’t think it would happen to her, so she questioned herself and decided to work on herself rather than trying to change somebody else.

Jane with thrid husband David Flynn

Jane with thrid husband David Flynn

At the same time she said that she was still best friends with James; they had spent Thanksgiving together and would spend Christmas together. Just because their marriage was no longer intact, didn’t mean that the family was no longer intact. Twenty years of marriage does count for something, it appears.

Rumor, of course, will have it that Jane had grown sick of her estranged husband’s “wandering eye”. Apparently, in the lead up to their split, James had grown close to another woman and at some point Jane had had enough.

If another woman was involved, it was probably a sign for them that their marriage was indeed over. Usually an amicable relationship is difficult to uphold post-separation if any kind of cheating was involved. Perhaps James had developed feelings for someone else, but Jane does not seem to be holding a grudge any longer. The pair simply decided to separate when the time was ripe.

However, James Keach does not seem to be dating anyone at this time. At least it would not appear that he has been seen with a new woman by his side. Jane Seymour on the other was last seen dating Barry Blumberg.

As far as anybody knows, the divorce of Jane and James has yet to be finalized. Apart from a legal separation, it is not even known if the pair has filed properly for divorce. Reconciliation does not seem to be on the cards. But if one or the other decides to move on with someone else, a divorce will become inevitable.

Let’s hope that Jane will find her happily ever after eventually. That may involve getting married for a fifth time. At 65 years of age it should, hopefully, also be the last time. She does still seem to believe in love and deserves it as much as the next person.

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James & Jane with their kids

James & Jane with their kids

James & Jane posing

James & Jane posing

Barry Jane's new found love

Barry Jane’s new found love

James Keach Jane's fourth husband

James Keach Jane’s fourth husband

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