Jane Lynch’s courtship and wedding to Lara Embry were a lot briefer than she would have imagined

Jane Lynch married for the first time at age 49, never thinking that it would ever happen. Less than four years later she was headed for divorce, which ended up costing her dearly.

Divorce finalized in October 2014

Jane Lynch met her now ex-wife in 2009. The two were at a convention, where Lara Embry received an award. Jane was already an established comedian at the time, but the fame Glee brought her was only just in the making. Therefore Lara only vaguely knew who she was and wasn’t even remotely star-struck. She merely thought Jane was cute.

Lara & Jane partying!

Lara & Jane partying!

The attraction was mutual and the two soon began seeing each other, even though they lived on opposite ends of the country. But Jane had never been married before and hadn’t had very many long-term relationships, somehow thinking that romance wasn’t really in the cards for her.

So she wasn’t going to let Lara get away.

Jane had also never become a parent prior to meeting Lara’s daughter, whom she very quickly became enamoured with. The girl seems to be precocious, funny and quite special, at least if you ask Jane.

The couple married in June 2010, in Massachusetts, one of the few states at the time where it was possible for gay couples to get married. The ceremony was officiated by a friend and was attended by only 19 of the couple’s closest family and friends.

Jane usually gushed about her wife and step-daughter, unable to believe her luck. Lara and her daughter relocated to California, where Jane worked and since Jane paid all the bills as well as for their lives together, it made sense for Lara and her daughter to move where Jane needed to be.

Alas, almost exactly three years into their marriage the couple announced that they would be divorcing. It was said that the decision to end the marriage had been difficult, especially since the two continued to care deeply for each other.

Jane filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences, but whilst she has spoken about her divorce, she never really went into the reasons for it. Perhaps one might look back at the beginning of the marriage. When they embarked on their life together Jane remarked on how different from each other the couple was. Lara was the introvert, calm and reserved. But Jane is definitely an extrovert, outgoing and even gregarious at times.

Lara & Jane look gorgeous

Lara & Jane look gorgeous

Is there a chance that their personalities clashed too much in the end? Jane said that she had brought Lara out of her shell, but that Jane herself had calmed down a little more in return. Yet it is possible that it wasn’t enough or perhaps only temporary.

After all, the marriage didn’t work out, no matter how much the two might have cared for each other.

In the end the divorce turned out to be rather expensive for Jane, especially considering that the marriage only lasted three years. But those were her best years on Glee, which paid a lot.

Lara had asked for spousal support close to $100K, which should enable her to keep up the lifestyle which she had accustomed to. She only really lived that sort of life for 3 years out of her 44 years, however, so the request seemed a little outrageous.

Jane on the other hand wasn’t too bothered, because it was “just money”. But without a prenup the couple’s asset would be split 50/50 under Californian law, which is where they filed.

So, Lara ended up being awarded with a $1.2 million property settlement, which was meant to be paid out over 2 years, meaning it should be done and dusted fairly soon. Additionally she received $847,485 from various bank accounts and trust accounts, half of a 401K, which came up to $315,079, half of their tax refund of somewhat over $56k, as well as half the royalties from Glee and other appearances. Lara also got the dog and a Yacht Club membership.

Jane said that she and her ex had been negotiating peacefully and that they remain friendly. They have been seen out and about on multiple occasions after the divorce was announced and after it was settled as well.

Still, a lot of money changed hands given how brief the marriage was in the end.

Jane isn’t known to be dating anyone at the moment and perhaps another marriage won’t be in the cards either.

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Jane and Lara with children

Jane and Lara with children

Lara & Jane say cheese

Lara & Jane say cheese

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