James Caan and estranged wife Linda are battling over money in their contentious divorce

Actor James Caan tried to divorce his fourth wife Linda twice before. In January 2015 he filed for a third time and this time it’s for real and it is contentious.

James Caan has been married a total of four times. Whilst his first three marriages were each rather brief (his wives were Dee Jay Mattis between 1960 and 1966, Sheila Marie Ryan between 1976 and 1977, and Ingrid Hajek between 1990 and 1995), they each produced one child, first a daughter and then two sons, most famous of whom is Scott Caan, who’s also an actor.

Sheila Caan James' second wife

Sheila Caan James’ second wife

After failing at marriage three times, James still seemed to believe in love and perhaps the institution of marriage and walked down the aisle a fourth time, this time with Linda in 1995. The two went on to have two sons together; the older is 21 now and the younger 17.

But paradise was troubled and James reportedly filed for divorce for the first time in 2005. He withdrew the filing, however, and the marriage continued. Neither he nor Linda commented on the incident, but it certainly raised eyebrows when James filed once more for divorce in 2009.

Nobody seems to know why James filed for divorce, but it is well known that he once more withdrew the filing. Apparently the couple managed to reconcile and move on. It even seemed to last, but in January 2015 James filed yet again for divorce and this time it was for real.

In his filing James requested that any spousal support be denied to his estranged wife and he also wanted joint custody of their younger son. Linda, however, filed shortly after James and requested not only primary custody of their younger son, but also spousal support. She noted that the value of their assets had yet to be determined.

But thus far nothing has been determined. We don’t exactly know whether the two have been battling it out in court during the past year, but James is currently paying spousal support as well as child support, which includes payments for his older son’s college. The divorce, however, does not seem finalized yet and James is complaining that Linda’s lifestyle choices force him to continue working, which apparently also includes taking on roles he’d rather not play.

Linda is apparently living the high life and James has to pay for it. Whilst it’s entirely legitimate that he should pay child support, it’s not quite clear how much spousal support he pays to his estranged wife and if the amount can truly be justified. But he’s deeply unhappy about his situation and would much rather retire than continue to take on projects that he doesn’t like. At 75 his wish to retire is certainly understandable.

Linda Stokes James say cheese

Linda Stokes James say cheese

Back in January he also cited poor health and mounting medical bills as a reason why he doesn’t want to continue paying large sums to his estranged wife. Recently his health seems to have improved, however, as he was reportedly looking spry when out and about with son Scott and his girlfriend for Father’s Day.

It’s interesting to note that James has apparently never been keen on paying spousal support, because he even requested that it be denied to Linda when he first filed for divorce from her in 2005.

At the same time he reportedly didn’t sign a prenup when he married Linda, which now seems to be a rather gross oversight or perhaps misjudgement, especially considering his track record when it comes to previous marriages.

Of course, just as James complained about paying Linda too much in spousal support, she hit back and wanted even more, claiming that James still makes plenty of money through residues of his successful movies.

For now the two seem to be still battling things out and it’s a shame that a marriage of 21 years has to end like this.

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Linda and James snapped at an event

Linda and James snapped at an event

James and Ingrid photoshoot

James and Ingrid photoshoot

Ingrid Hajek James' third wife

Ingrid Hajek James’ third wife

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