Idris Elba may not be cut out for marriage – he already tried it twice and failed

Idris Elba has been married twice and only recently left the mother of his second child. Is he the eternal bachelor or will there be a steady woman in his future?

Idris Elba didn’t become the star he is right away. It took him a while to make a name for himself. Only after his stint on The Wire became his face more recognizable and his career made headway. Nowadays he can easily pick and choose the roles he wants to play.

Hanne Norgaard Idris' first wife

Hanne Norgaard Idris’ first wife

The role of husband doesn’t seem to suit him very well, though.

He was first married to make-up artist Hanne Norgaard. They walked down the aisle in 1999, but it didn’t last very long at all. He is said to have left her when she was pregnant with their daughter Isan in 2001.

The reasons for the split remain unclear. The marriage is said to have been divorced by 2003. But Idris made sure not to abandon his daughter and has a good relationship with her.

Earlier this year it emerged that Idris apparently married again in 2006. It was a brief and obviously somewhat secret marriage, not something that was widely known at the time in any case.

Idris met his second wife Sonya Hamlin, a lawyer with her own practice, whilst he was filming The Wire in Maryland. He was a working actor then, but not yet a celebrity like he is now. The two began dating, at least according to Sonya. They went on normal dates, too, dinner and movie and stuff like that. They were head over heels in love and were together for a few months when they ended up visiting Las Vegas together.

Whilst it hadn’t been planned, they decided to elope together then and there and were married. Sonya said that they had talked about it beforehand and that Idris hadn’t wanted a big wedding anyway, but their Las Vegas wedding had definitely not been planned at all.

But within a few weeks, the couple decided to call it quits. Sonya alleged that Idris was worried about his career prospects. He was trying to become a movie actor at the time, reading scripts and being very serious about his career. He knew that he couldn’t relocate to Maryland for good and since Sonya’s practice was going very well, he couldn’t expect her to pack up and leave with him. Nor would it have been possible for her to accompany him on movie sets for four or five months at a time. That would have meant for her to give up her own career in favour of his.

Sadly the two decided to not simply call it quits and get a divorce, but to have an annulment of their marriage. Sonya requested the annulment, claiming that they had been drunk when they were married.

Sonya Hamlin Idris' second wife

Sonya Hamlin Idris’ second wife

She was adamant, however, that that hadn’t been the case. Neither of them had been drunk, but the marriage was annulled back in 2006 and there were rumours that it had only lasted a day. Sonya said the two were married for six weeks. She also said that some of Idris’ friends allegedly wondered why the two were married, because she really wasn’t the right ‘look’ for him. He was about to become a really hot superstar and she was not the right type for him to be with.

Whether those allegations are true or not remains unconfirmed.

It’s rather unclear why she has only come forward with her story now as well. She’s still a successful lawyer, has moved onto a happy relationship with someone new and Idris has long gone from her life. He just left the mother of his two-year old son and is single once more.

Sonya has not really clarified her reasons for coming forward so many years after the fact. Though they would have had their ten-year anniversary this year and perhaps she wanted to reminisce. Idris has not commented on Sonya’s story at all, but it seems to be widely taken as the truth, or at least her version of it. She did produce the original marriage certificate to give her story credence.

Idris has not spoken much about marriage at all. He’s been with various women in the past, but he does somehow seem to be more cut out to be a ladies’ man or more of a bachelor than a married man. Perhaps when he settles a little more in a few years time he might consider marriage again, if ever he finds the right woman, of course.


Naiyana Garth Idris' current girlfriend

Naiyana Garth Idris’ current girlfriend

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