When famed blogger Heather Armstrong divorced her husband, the blogosphere went nuts asking why

Given how publicly Heather Armstrong lived her life and marriage to Jon Armstrong, it’s difficult to understand what led to their split. No wonder the blogosphere is still wondering what happened.

Heather Armstrong became famous with her blog “dooce” when blogs where still a relatively new medium through which people expressed their innermost thoughts. It all happened rather by accident, but it became a big venture, which allowed her to do nothing else but work her blog and make money through advertising. Nowadays she has 100,000 readers per day.

Heather and Jon family pic

Heather and Jon family pic

Her relationship to Jon featured heavily on her blog. Their life was more public than most celebrities would ever want theirs to be. But Heather and Jon became celebrities in their own rights. So readers were all in the know when it came to the couple’s relationship, their eventual marriage, the birth of their children and ultimately their divorce.

Well, Heather announced the split on her blog, but it has been noted in the past that it sounded like nothing more than a press release.

Nobody knew why the two had separated. Neither Jon, who confirmed the news, nor Heather, who later wrote about her pain, ever elaborated on the reason behind their separation.

At first they called it a break, a trial separation.

We don’t know when the two were actually divorced, but we do know that the trial separation became a permanent one. Whilst Jon was at first looking to live somewhere else in Salt Lake City to stay close to his estranged wife and children, he had moved to New York City by 2014.

Heather and boyfriend Mark Tuff

Heather and boyfriend Mark Tuff

We can assume that they divorced sometime in 2013 or even early 2014, they officially separated in January 2012, but back then it was not meant to permanent. Heather even wrote a blog on how she had told her daughter that she and Jon were taking a break from each other.

Both Jon and Heather expressed their deep pain over the situation. Jon at least still called Heather a close friend and some thought that he wanted to reconcile. Others therefore blame Heather that the two ultimately didn’t make it back together, because she didn’t want to. Apparently she didn’t give Jon another chance.

No matter who you asked, though, nobody knew any particular reasons why the couple split. Needless to say that plenty have Jon’s and Heather’s blogs to find hints, and here and there one might have guessed that something was amiss. But there didn’t seem to be a single reason or event that prompted the divorce.

Apparently the two simply didn’t work anymore. Given how much they had been through in their marriage, most notably Heather’s post-partum depression after giving birth to their first child, it was even harder to understand. Readers and bloggers everywhere discussed the failed Armstrong marriage at great length. Everybody kept speculating, some went to far as to plead with Heather to take Jon back, others simply desired to show Heather support in that difficult time.

In the end the divorce went over quietly. Jon had left Armstrong Media, which belongs to Heather, and found a job elsewhere. Whilst there was apparently a joint custody agreement, Heather is now the primary physical custodian of the children, because Jon chose to leave for New York. There he apparently moved in with his new girlfriend, who is also his co-worker.

Heather is or at least was dating a guy by the name of Mark Tuff. Their current relationship status is not quite clear, but she did say at some point that she won’t live her new relationship as publicly as she did her marriage.

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