Harry Macklowe willingly risks his fortune in his divorce from wife Linda to be with his girlfriend

After reportedly keeping a girlfriend for 2 years, real estate developer Harry Macklowe informed his wife of nearly 60 years that he was leaving her. This could become one of the most expensive divorces ever.

Few people would consider a divorce after having been married for nearly 60 years. Few people start new relationships at the ripe old age of 77 either.

Linda Burg Harry's first wife

Linda Burg Harry’s first wife

Harry Macklowe is doing both those things. Now 79, he is rumoured to have kept his girlfriend Patricia Landeau for two years before telling his wife of 57 years that he would be divorcing her. That was at the beginning of June.

Since then not just gossip magazines have been reporting the story. Everyone has.

Macklemore is reportedly worth $2 billion, though he lost much during the 2008 crisis. On top of that he and his wife Linda own an art collection that is said to be worth $1 billion as well. It contains works by Mark Rothko, Franz Kline and Gerhard Richter. Apparently Linda has been mostly behind the collection, which can hardly be surprising. She is a board member of the Guggenheim Foundation.

Whilst divorce documents are apparently sealed, it is well known that there is no prenup. That’s hardly surprising. Macklemore and his wife married in their early 20s at a time when divorce was not only uncommon, but when people usually married for life. Macklemore had only begun to work as a real estate broker in 1960 and he was still a nobody. His success and his fortune took some time to build.

When he and Linda married, they probably didn’t think of the future division of incredible assets. Just as wouldn’t have thought that they’d be divorcing after being married for 57 years.

We know little enough about the estranged couple’s marriage. They are said to have been inseparable, but also acerbic in their relationship. They did not speak kindly of one another, but they couldn’t be without each other either.

Sometimes couples who have been together for such a long time are not necessarily in love anymore. They simply stay together out of habit. Linda is even said to have regretted that she didn’t divorce her husband years ago. Though we don’t know much about her current thoughts on his infidelity or the divorce.

Some say it’s been an open secret that Macklemore has been keeping his girlfriend in one of his apartment buildings. Everyone knew. Some wonder if Linda may not have known, after all.

Patricia Landeau Harry's girlfriend

Patricia Landeau Harry’s girlfriend

But then it has also been reported that Macklemore dropped the d-bomb on his wife completely out of the blue. Anybody not in the know was quite shocked to hear the news. So, was Linda blindsided or did she know her husband better than that?

Chances are that a divorce battle of epic proportions is looming. Nobody would be surprised if Linda took Harry for all he is worth and then some. He has made his choice. He wanted his girlfriend. Surely he knew what the financial fallout could be.

Then again, love is not about money. If it is love, that is.

Harry Macklemore will have enough left to live out his remaining years quite comfortably.

It’s worth mentioning that both of Macklemore’s children have been through divorce. It seems, for once, the parents are following in their offsprings’ footsteps and not the other way around.

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Harry and Linda snapped at an event

Harry and Linda snapped at an event

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