Harrison Ford has been divorced twice – once rather expensively – but is happily married now

Harrison Ford has been married three times and divorced twice. It’s not likely that he will get divorced a third time at nearly 74.

Divorce finalized in 2004

When Harrison Ford married for the first time in 1967 he was far from being the famous Indiana Jones or Han Solo that we know today. He had two sons with first wife Mary Marquardt. The two were divorced 1979, which was just after Harrison had become hugely famous as Han Solo.

Mary Marquardt-Harrison's first wife

Mary Marquardt-Harrison’s first wife

It’s quite possible that the divorce had something to do with Melissa Mathison, whom Harrison had met in 1976 already. Whilst Harrison married Melissa only in 1983, there’s no reason not to believe that the two weren’t dating long before that. But perhaps they were friends first.

We don’t know for sure, however. What we do know is that Harrison and Melissa didn’t sign a prenup, which Harrison would certainly come to regret 18 years later.

For the longest time the two would have to have been happy enough. Harrison is a private man and he has guarded his private life carefully. But he is charming and many women have swooned over him at least since he became Han Solo, but most certainly when he became Indiana Jones as well. There’s something about that roguish smile that only he can pull off.

With Melissa Harrison had another two children, but in 2001 they filed for legal separation. The divorce took place in 2004 after nearly three years of figuring out finances. Since there was no prenup, Melissa stood to walk away with half of Harrison’s money and that she did. At least as far as anyone knows. Numbers differ, but it’s been said that she received somewhere between $85 and $118 million.

Harrison's third & current wife Calista Flockhart

Harrison’s third & current wife Calista Flockhart

That’s why their divorce regularly makes it into lists of Hollywood’s most expensive divorces. They’re not at the top, but nowhere near the bottom either.

Melissa was an accomplished screenwriter in her own right and probably didn’t need all that money, but she certainly didn’t say no to it. Sadly Melissa passed away last year after suffering cancer.

Harrison met Calista Flockhart at the 2002 Golden Globes and began dating her. The two continued Harrison’s tradition of keeping a tight hold on their private lives, rarely opening up about one another. In 2009, then, Harrison proposed and the two were married in 2010. Harrison also adopted her adopted son Liam.

Whilst there has been some speculation of a rift between the two after Harrison went back to flying his planes after his bad crash and many injuries, there seems to be no truth to it. Calista told Ellen DeGeneres that she worries about Harrison, but supports him nonetheless and Harrison would not be himself, if he couldn’t fly.

At 73 it seems unlikely that Harrison would get divorced again and he and Calista certainly seem to be quite happy together.

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Melissa Mathison-Harrison's second wife

Melissa Mathison-Harrison’s second wife

Harrison and Calista look happy

Harrison and Calista look happy

Harrison and Calista snapped at an event

Harrison and Calista snapped at an event

Harrison and Calista look great together

Harrison and Calista look great together

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