Who Says Giuliana Rancic and Bill Rancic are Getting Divorced?

Giuliana and Bill Rancic strive towards a successful marriage despite seemingly going through a rough patch.

Giuliana Rancic with her husband, Bill Rancic.

Giuliana Rancic with her husband, Bill Rancic.

Naples born beauty Giuliana Rancic has done wonders in upping the ratings of the celebrity driven, popular TV show E! News, as its host. But, has she managed to do the same for her marriage to The Apprentice show’s winner Bill Rancic? Giuliana Rancic enjoys discussing celebrity foibles in her show including their affairs of the heart, divorces and such like; so, people in their turn have shown equal avidness in watching out for problems in her marital life.

Giuliana Rancic was Giuliani DePandi and has confessed that she fell in love with Bill Rancic while watching him on the TV show The Apprentice. She later met him on the sets of her show and they soon started dating. The couple got engaged in 2006 and married the next year, in 2007.

As is usual in celebrity marriages, Giuliana Rancic too, had to face public and media scrutiny on the state of her own marriage, just as she had done for so many other celebrities. In 2008, it was widely noticed that she had appeared on her TV show, without her wedding ring and people immediately deduced that the couple were having some major marriage related issues and might be even considering divorce. There have been some videos posted on the web allegedly showing Bill handing over the papers of divorce to his wife.

But despite all these rumours, the couple went on to continue with their marriage. They have supported each other through some really anxious times; Bill has been there with Giuliana when she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2011 and even when she had to go for a double mastectomy. Because of infertility problems, the couple had to go for surrogacy to have their own baby and in 2012, she held her son, Duke in her arms. The happy couple is now eagerly looking forward to having another child after  the surrogate mother’ acceptance.

Giuliana Rancic had one serious relationship before she married Bill and it was with actor Jerry O’ Connell . She, in fact, was dating Jerry at the time she met Bill. Many believe that it was Jerry who had cheated on Giuliana with actress Rebecca Romijn, whom he went on to marry.

Giuliani DePandi,(now Rancic) with then boyfriend, Jerry O'Connell.

Giuliani DePandi,(now Rancic) with then boyfriend, Jerry O’Connell.

Jerry O'Connell with wife, Rebecca Romijn.

Jerry O’Connell with wife, Rebecca Romijn.

Giuliana Rancic with her husband, Bill and son, Duke.

Giuliana Rancic with her husband, Bill and son, Duke.

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