Giada de Laurentiis finds love again after her expensive divorce

Giada de Lauentiis announced in December 2014 that she was separated from her husband Todd Thompson. The divorce was later finalized in September 2015 and came at a rather high cost to her. But Giada has since moved on and found love once again.
Divorce finalized in September 2015

Married to Todd

Giada de Laurentiis & Todd Thompson at an event

Giada de Laurentiis & Todd Thompson at an event

Giada De Laurentiis met Todd Thompson when she was only 19 years old. At the time she was a student at UCLA studying anthropology, of all things. It took 12 years for the two to get married. That was in 2003, before her meteoric rise as a chef on TV. Todd is a fashion designer and perhaps at the time of their wedding, he was the more successful of the two. But Giada managed to catch up soon enough.

The couple did marry without a prenup because neither of them was rich or famous just yet and they married for love.

Eventually, the two had daughter Jade, though first Giada managed to establish herself as a celebrity chef. She and husband Todd grew their fame and fortune before becoming parents, yet seeing them with their daughter, their lives were enriched far beyond material concerns. The couple always did look happy and more so when they became a family of three.

Still, love seems to have faded over time and in July 2014 Todd and Giada separated. They only announced their separation in December that year, however, admitting that they’d split months ago when the time came.

A day after the separation was made public, Todd Thompson filed officially for divorce. It’s only known that he requested that Giada should not receive spousal support.

Giada later filed her own papers requesting joint custody.

Paying a high price for the divorce

After the separation and divorce made the rounds in the gossip news, much speculation was added as to why the couple had split up.

Giada de Laurentiis with her boyfriend Bobby Flay

Giada de Laurentiis with her boyfriend Bobby Flay

Todd never commented on the divorce. Giada, however, went on record saying that she never cheated on her husband and that all the rumours emerging at the time were crazy. She also said that she can’t prevent people from writing whatever it is they wish to write about, but she could choose to ignore it and move on with her life instead.

Elsewhere her divorce from Todd was considered a career move. Todd had been dominating Giada’s life for many years and perhaps she felt ready to move on and grow without him. Perhaps their time really was at an end, at least as a married couple, because the two are committed co-parents of daughter Jade.

Be that as it may, when the divorce was finalized in September 2015 it came with a high price tag. At the time Giada and Tom were estimated to be worth $20 million and $15 million, respectively. That’s not a huge difference and according to California divorce law, their assets should have been split equally without a prenup. But their financial settlement was not as equal as one might have expected.

Todd kept the couple’s $3.2 Million home in the Pacific Palisades and he is the one, who also received 50% from every book she has ever published, and on top of that half of the unpaid advances for books she is currently working on. That in itself comes easily to $5 Million.

In addition, Giada agreed to pay $9,000 in monthly child support to Todd. They have joint custody, however. And neither of them will receive spousal support.

Why would Giada agree to such a deal? A guilty conscience? To keep Todd from talking about those alleged affairs? Apart from citing irreconcilable differences in his divorce filing, Todd has never given a reason for the separation and neither has Giada. But there were plenty of rumours.

Cheating allegations

Giada de Laurentiis & Todd Thompson look happy

Giada de Laurentiis & Todd Thompson look happy

Prior to announcing her separation from her former husband, Giada had apparently been seen out with fellow foodie Bobby Flay in what has been widely interpreted as a romantic dinner. Flay was still married to actress Stephanie March at the time and only filed for his own divorce in March 2015.

Rumour has it Giada made the announcement of her separation on her Facebook page in order to be free to move on with Bobby and quench any allegations before they appeared in the gossip columns.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of it. Rumours that Giada had cheated on Todd with Matt Lauer emerged and an old story of her having an affair with John Mayer also made the rounds once more.

Matt Lauer also said that he never had an affair with Giada, but he did confirm that the two had a longstanding friendship. Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with the latter. Known as a ladies’ man, Lauer had his own marital woes to concern himself with, however, so what else could he have said?

Ultimately, there’s never been any solid evidence that Giada had cheated on Todd nor was she ever in a confirmed relationship with Bobby Flay.

Instead, she moved on with someone else entirely.

A new love

Officially, Giada began dating Shane Farley, a TV producer, in August 2015. At the time her divorce was still being settled and his divorce from his first wife had apparently been finalized already. Shane and Giada had initially met in New York, but their relationship was a professional one for many years.

After Shane was divorced, he moved to LA because of his work and reconnected with Giada, whom he started running into much more frequently. Eventually, they began hanging out, which morphed into dating.

Eventually, the two went public with their relationship and Giada has been active on social media, posting pictures of the two of them together.

Shane also has a great relationship with Giada’s daughter, calling her a great kid to hang out with. He has no children of his own and it doesn’t seem likely that he’ll have children with Giada. The two appear to be very happy with each other and have long since moved on from their divorces. A wedding does not seem a topic just yet, but perhaps they’ll take the plunge and manage to make it last.

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Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis look cheerful

Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis look cheerful

Giada de Laurentiis & Todd Thompson pose for a photoshoot

Giada de Laurentiis & Todd Thompson pose for a photoshoot

Giada de Laurentiis & Todd Thompson at an art gallery

Giada de Laurentiis & Todd Thompson at an art gallery

Giada de Laurentiis-Matt Lauer's rumored girlfriend

Giada de Laurentiis-Matt Lauer’s rumored girlfriend

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