George Lopez’s Humorless Divorce With Wife Ann Serrano

The TV star’s marriage falls apart after rumors of him cheating on his wife who had also donated a kidney to him!

George Lopez with his then wife, Ann Serrano.

George Lopez with his then wife, Ann Serrano.

Successful TV show host George Lopez might have used the power of humor to bring sanity to his terrible childhood, but will it work coping with the end of his seventeen year old long marriage with Ann Serrano.

Most people have admired the strong marital bonds shared between George Lopez and his wife Ann Serrano; theirs’ was one of the few success stories in the entertainment business as far as matrimony went. George and Ann got married in 1993 and they had daughter Mayan. Their marriage was happy from all accounts. In 1995, in a rare case of love, Ann even donated one of her kidneys to George giving him a fresh leash of life. George even lost around 45lbs making him feel healthier than before.

But, cracks must have started appearing in their marital life because there were rumors in the media of infidelity on the part of George post his transplant surgery. So, it was almost inevitable when in 2010, Ann filed for divorce. The reasons given for the divorce was “irreconcilable differences.” George gave out a statement stating that both had agreed to the divorce.  The divorce deed was done by 2011. The divorce was said to be amicable only for the sake of their teenage daughter’s peace of mind and happiness. The only apparent fallout was the cancellation of TBS’s Lopez Tonight show, which had at one time attracted top celebrities.

George with Ann and daughter Mayan

George with Ann and daughter Mayan

But, despite an apparently amicable split, the two continued to thrash out the financial aspects of the divorce settlement for almost another two years.  The decision they have taken now is to agree to halve George’s retirement fund contributions that were made during the seventeen years they were together.

Early this year, in 2014, George was arrested for drunken behavior at a casino in Canada; he had joked about it later that since he had a bit too much to drink, he had decided to go to sleep on the floor! But, one can discern that there have been more negatives after his divorce than just the obvious ones and that he still needs to cope with the trauma.

On the upside, George Lopez is making a comeback on television and having fresh beginnings with his new TV show St.George.


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