No trouble in paradise: George and Amal Clooney have twins after divorce rumours

George Clooney married proposed to Amal Alamuddin after a whirlwind romance of only six months, marrying her in September 2014. A few months after unfounded divorce rumours made the rounds in December 2016, the two announce Amal’s pregnancy with twins. Now they’re happy parents of two.

A whirlwind romance

Amal Clooney and George Clooney at an Awards

Amal Clooney and George Clooney at an Awards

Amal Alamuddin was introduced to George Clooney through mutual friends late in 2013. For a while, the two didn’t really see each other, but they emailed and talked on the phone and realized that perhaps they could be more than just friends. So they went on a date in London and the rest is history, as they say.

The two went on vacations together, where spotted out here and there and everywhere and rumors of their whirlwind romance swirled around everywhere.

Most gossip rags and other people who commented on the couple noted that she was not just any other starlet. George had gone through those in multitudes throughout the years. But Amal was very clearly different. She was an international human rights lawyer and very well known in her circles. She was not just arm candy to George’s red carpet appearances. She was an accomplished woman, who also happened to be stunningly beautiful.

Very soon George knew she was the one and he acted accordingly.

Getting down on one knee

George and Amal look cheerful

George and Amal look cheerful

George was previously married to Talia Balsam. The two had been married between 1989 and 1993 before getting a divorce. They gave it a try, but subsequently, both admitted to having failed at their marriage and each said that perhaps marriage wasn’t for them. Talia said she should not have been married at the time and George admitted that he wasn’t very good at it.

And ever since then she was a sworn bachelor, dating a slew of beautiful women, but not one to settle.

But Amal very clearly changed that for him. Proposing to her became the obvious thing to do and it was not a spur of the moment decision either. He chose a ring and he set the scene and after only six months of dating he got down on one knee and popped the question.

He later told Ellen Degeneres that she was so shocked at his proposal that he spent more than 20 minutes on his knee waiting, finally proclaiming that he was 52 years old and likely to throw out his hip if he were to remain in this position. So, either way, he needed an answer. Amal said yes.

A fairytale wedding

George’s love for Italy is well known. He owns a house at Lake Como and he spends plenty of time there each year. So it wasn’t entirely surprising when he married Amal in Italy in September 2014. The couple invited pretty much all their friends to Venice, where everyone arrived on boats, and finally, the two walked down the aisle in as romantic a setting as one could hope for.

Amal’s wedding dress looked stunning and George was as much as a dapper gentleman as any bride would wish for. The two do seem uniquely suited to each other, complementing each other in many ways, including looks.

Divorce rumors?

After their honeymoon, George and Amal returned to their lives. He would make movies, she would work as a lawyer. Together they would jet around the world whenever possible, attending to a multitude of human rights issues, a topic they both care deeply about.

But with their different lives and jobs, it’s obvious that they would spend some time apart from each other. They’ve sworn that it would never be longer than a week apart. But is that realistic?

Unsurprisingly at some point divorce rumors made the rounds. Though they came apparently out of nowhere. All of a sudden we heard of a $300 million impending divorce and nobody knew where the rumors originated.

It was claimed that the two simply had incompatible lives and George was fed up with Amal’s spending and high life aspirations. Also, she wanted kids and he didn’t. That’s the gist of it and it was regurgitated everywhere. But there was no proof of any of the claims and eventually, they fizzled away. It’s not even clear whether George or Amal ever truly denied the rumors. And it matters very little indeed.

Because next we know the two are expecting twins.

Having twins

Amal and George look superhot!

Amal and George look superhot!

Only weeks after the divorce rumors hit the tabloids, all the way back in December 2016, it was confirmed that George and Amal were going to be parents. And indeed, the two were expecting twins.

George later confessed that he couldn’t believe they were going to be parents let alone have twins. It wasn’t exactly planned. Obviously one doesn’t usually plan for twins anyway, but the pregnancy was also not necessarily planned.

The couple only really talked about having children after they were married. The two considered themselves extremely lucky and whilst they made no plans to have children, they did want to share their luck, feeling it would be selfish to keep it all to just themselves.

Eventually, they realized that Amal was pregnant and at a doctor’s appointment they learned that she was carrying twins. George was probably as shocked by the news as Amal had been over his proposal. He later said that he thought there must be some kind of mistake. Surely not twins?

But on June 6th, 2017 Ella and Alexander were born and ever since the happy couple of two became a family of four. And they couldn’t be happier.

Amal and George praise each other as great parents, confess to losing lots of sleep and ensure to keep their children shielded from paparazzi at all times. They know the challenges that lie ahead, bringing up children that were born as privileged as their twins, keeping them level-headed and compassionate.

Marriage and fatherhood have changed George Clooney more than anything else ever has, he says so himself and his long-time friends can attest as much. Somehow a divorce does not seem likely at all, not when you see just how smitten he is with his wife and their children.


Amal and George look stunning

Amal and George look stunning

George and Amal at a red carpet event

George and Amal at a red carpet event

Amal and George snapped at an event

Amal and George snapped at an event

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