Gary Oldman’s fourth marriage should have been his last, but it ended in divorce as well

Gary Oldman has been married and divorced four times now. He had hoped his last marriage would be his final one, but in the end the age gap of 20 years became too much.

Divorce finalized September 2015

Lesley Manville Gary's first wife

Lesley Manville Gary’s first wife

The first time Gary Oldman married was in 1987. He walked down the aisle with fellow English actor Lesley Manville. It ended up being his shortest marriage, when he left her only three months after their son Alfie was born.

Why he left her is unclear, but Gary once confessed that he hadn’t been very good at marriage the first three times around. We also know that he battled alcohol addiction at some point in his life, a problem that was pretty well known in the early 90s. That could mean that he was already battling it in the late 80s. Of course, that he left his new-born son as well doesn’t sit well with anyone.

If alcoholism played a role in his move, then it might have been for the best, however; sad as that may sound.

Still, he was married once more and sooner rather than later. In 1990 he married Uma Thurman. Few remember that the two were ever an item, but they had met on the set of State of Grace. Two years later they also got divorced. Once more the reasons are unknown, but it was during the height of Gary’s alcohol problems, so it’s possible that it became a major issue in the relationship.

It would appear that Gary Oldman doesn’t like to be alone, because soon after his divorce he was in a relationship with Isabella Rosselini, who he was even rumoured to be engaged to as of 1994. But by 1996 the marriage hadn’t happened and the two went separate ways eventually.

Uma Thurman Gary's second wife

Uma Thurman Gary’s second wife

Whatever the reason may have been for this break-up, Gary was on the mend from his alcohol addiction. By the mid-90s he regularly attended the Alcoholics Anonymous and was sober. It was at an AA meeting that he met his third wife, Donya Fiorentino. He married her in 1997.

The marriage turned out to be a mistake, perhaps the worst he made in his life, if it weren’t for the two sons Donya gave him. During the couple’s divorce in 2001, Gary testified that he believed Donya only married him for his fame. She had been an addict as well and whilst he was sober and had been for years, Donya apparently relapsed.

Donya’s addiction was one of the reasons Gary divorced her, but he also claimed that she had cheated on him and abused him physically and emotionally. Gary said she also harassed him for money all the time.

Donya claimed the opposite and painted Gary as violent and abusive. But it had been Donya, who started using again. She admitted to cocaine use and Gary testified that Donya’s daughter from a previous relationship once found her unconscious, on the brink of overdosing. Gary then found his wife and said the incident traumatized her daughter.

Ultimately the court sided with Gary Oldman and awarded him full physical and legal custody of the couple’s two young sons. Donya was only allowed occasional supervised visits.

Gary once said that being a single father had been the hardest thing he’d ever done, but his boys turned out pretty well.

Donya Fiorentino Gary's third wife

Donya Fiorentino Gary’s third wife

And whilst Gary Oldman does keep his private life as private as possible, we do know that he lives a teetotal life and that no woman he’s ever been with called him abusive or that he was anything even remotely like the man who had done the things his third ex-wife claimed about him.

After becoming a single father and going through a horrific divorce, Gary did not enter another relationship for quite some time. Only in December 2008 did he get married again. This time to singer/actor Alexandra Edenborough. She is 20 years younger than him, but Gary still hoped she would be his final wife.

His boys were still pretty young then and the couple did not add more children into the mix. Alexandra simply became their step-mother. And after three failed marriages it seems that Gary was ready to do something right.

In 2014 he said that he wasn’t proud that he was married for the fourth time and that he hadn’t been a good husband before. But he was doing his best to be a good husband now and for the longest time he and Alexandra seemed happy.

But in January 2015 she filed for divorce. It became known that the couple had been separated for months by the time she filed and Gary later went on record saying that their age difference had caught up with them. Twenty years can make a lot of difference and they simply wanted different things in life. But he wished her well and by the sound of it the separation was very amicable.

It is somehow sad to think that Gary Oldman’s longest marriage was also the one that ended the most peaceful. The divorce was finalized without a hitch in September 2015. It was reported that the couple divided their assets, that Gary kept two homes and multiple cars, and was to pay Alexandra a total of $3.3 million over the next four years. No hard feelings.

Whether Gary Oldman will take the plunge again remains an open question. He still has two teenage sons to look after and perhaps he’ll find love once more. He doesn’t have a good track record of relationships working out, but at least he’s never given up on love.


Isabella Rosselini Gary's onetime girlfriend

Isabella Rosselini Gary’s onetime girlfriend

Alexandra & Gary dayout

Alexandra & Gary dayout

Alexandra & Gary look stunning together

Alexandra & Gary look stunning together

Alexandra Edenborough Gary's fourth wife

Alexandra Edenborough Gary’s fourth wife

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