Gael Garcia Bernal did not divorce Dolores Fonzi, because he never married her

When Gael Garcia Bernal split from his long-time partner, news outlets erroneously reported that he was headed for divorce. But since he never actually married her, he didn’t get a divorce either.

Gael Garcia Bernal met his ex Dolores Fonzi in 2001 when they both worked on Vidas Privadas. They did not start dating then. First Gael was linked to Natalie Portman for a while. That was in 2006/7. But Gael doesn’t much talk about his private affairs or the women he is dating.

Dolores Fonzi Gael's rumored wife

Dolores Fonzi Gael’s rumored wife

We do know that he and Natalie parted ways eventually and that he started dating Dolores roughly in 2008. It was later widely claimed that the two married in 2009, though those claims didn’t emerge at the time. The rumour that they had married in 2009 only emerged after the couple split.

It was also in 2009 that their son was born. Perhaps that is why there was an assumption that the two had married. Gael later clarified that he and Dolores had certainly made a commitment to one another and had decided to have children and be a family. But that commitment didn’t require a marriage certificate.

They made an arrangement that worked for them. It was more about the institution of family than the institution of marriage that mattered to the two of them and Gael at least seemed quite happy with that.

In 2011 their family was completed by the addition of their daughter. Since the couple kept under the radar for the most part, occasionally appearing on a red carpet or being snapped by paparazzi, we can only assume that they were happy, because they looked happy.

But in September 2014 Gael confirmed that he and Dolores had split up. It was then widely reported that the two were heading for divorce and that they had been married since 2009. Mostly news and gossip outlets spoke of the end of their 5-year marriage.

Interestingly hardly anyone picked up on it when Gael specified that he and Dolores hadn’t actually been married. They had been committed to raising their children together and continued just that even after they officially separated.

We don’t know why they split up either. We do know that Gael considered monogamy an outdated construct and whilst his commitment to his children never wavered, he may not have wanted to continue a monogamous relationship. He was 35 when he and Dolores split up and may have felt too young to settle down already.

That is pure speculation, however.

At the very least Gael and Dolores kept a good relationship with each other even after the split. They have been seen together frequently, which even prompted some speculation that they might be back together. Considering that they have two children with each other, they do have plenty of reason to see each other without actually getting back together.

Gael is not known to be officially dating anyone at this time, neither is Dolores. Gael has been seen out with women here or there, but it doesn’t seem as if he is in a serious relationship at this time.


Dolores & Gael dayout with kid

Dolores & Gael dayout with kid

Gael linkup with Natalie Portman

Gael linkup with Natalie Portman

Dolores & Gael snapped at an event

Dolores & Gael snapped at an event

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