Elliott Sailors changed drastically in the five years between her wedding and her divorce

When Elliott Sailors was married in 2011, she was a stunning blonde model. When she got divorced in 2015, she had turned into a stunning androgynous model, who left her husband for another woman.

She is 5’10” (179cm) tall, used to have long blond hair and looked like a princess at her wedding. Just as her groom, Adam Santos-Coy, looked like Prince Charming. Elliott was considered a bombshell with striking looks, who’d been making a break into the high fashion modelling industry since 2001.

Elliott and Adam snapped at an event

Elliott and Adam snapped at an event

She always thought of herself of having shoulders too broad, a jaw too strong and eyebrows too heavy. But she was undeniably beautiful with a striking and recognizable look.

We don’t know exactly when she met Adam or how long the two were together before getting married. But we do know they married in 2011.

Elliot was 30 years old when she realized that she was no longer on the highly desirable list among models. She was getting fewer gigs, because she was getting too old. It was 2012 and she decided to try something she had been thinking about for quite some time: Cutting off her hair to try her hand at male modelling. She had discussed it with her husband and Adam was completely supportive.

He merely said he was going to miss her blonde tresses, but otherwise was not bothered about the big change in her life at all.

Instead he filmed the process of Elliott getting her hair drastically cut. Elliot often credited him with how supportive he had been and the two gave the impression of being a sweet couple.

Once her hair was cut into a more typical male haircut at a barbershop, Elliott’s features completely altered her overall look. She looked much more angular without the long hair softening her features and ended up looking very androgynous indeed.

In fact, from that moment onwards she and her husband were often mistaken for a gay couple, which sometimes brought them the ire of some bigoted passers-by. Elliott found that people were often giving her a slightly longer look, as if to decide whether she was male or female, and at times women were upset when she entered the women’s bathroom.

Olimpia Elliott's current girlfriend

Olimpia Elliott’s current girlfriend

She ended up being one of the first female models to be signed on as male fashion model (though she was not the only one), which completely altered her career. Male models get to do the job much longer than female models and Elliott found that photographers treated her differently, not like a flower that might wither, but more hands-on, which she appreciated. Actual male models were just as welcoming and supportive as her husband Adam had been.


Elliott had re-invented herself successfully and it greatly benefited her career.

But at some point her marriage suffered and in September 2015 we learned that she and Adam were going to divorce. Careful social media users will have noticed that the couple was still often seen together, but that someone else had also started to make an appearance. It seems Elliott began dating Olimpia Valli Fassi Soheve some time before divorcing Adam. There seems little doubt that Adam had known about Olimpia, because Elliott didn’t really hide her girlfriend.

Elliott had also never hidden the fact that she was not entirely straight. One is inclined to identify her as bisexual, though she never seems to have made the distinction.

We don’t know exactly when the divorce was finalized, but Adam and Elliott are still very friendly and Elliott is now only seen out and about with girlfriend Olimpia. She seems quite happy with all the changes in her life and despite losing his wife in the course of all of this, Adam doesn’t seem to begrudge his ex her happiness.

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Elliott and Olimpia say cheese

Elliott and Olimpia say cheese

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