Can Dr. Phil McGraw Help Himself Out of His Divorce Rumors with Debbie Higgins McCall?

Can Dr. Phil practice what he preaches and save his own marriage? Rumors persist of a troubled marriage to his second wife of thirty-eight years, Debbie.

Dr. Phil McGraw with present wife, Robin.

Dr. Phil McGraw with present wife, Robin.

Dr. Phil McGraw has made a career out of dispensing psychological advice on television to folks who seem to be suffering from myriad problems, be it marital or something else. While many psychologists are skeptical about his credentials and advice proffering mechanisms, it is quite apparent that people at large continue to admire and respect him and widely watch his hugely popular TV show. So, it is no wonder that an equally large number of people are intensely curious about the man and his personal life.

Dr. Phil has guided many troubled marriages, so it comes as an unpleasant surprise to many that he seems to have not conducted his two marriages with equal ease or pleasantness. His second marriage with his wife of nearly thirty eight years, Robin, seems to have been in turmoil even back in 2008.

In fact, Dr. Phil and his wife had to then, state that their marriage was not in trouble and blamed the media and unhappy people who enjoy others misery behind these rumors. Again, around 2012, reports surfaced that the couple, parents of two grown up sons, Jay and Jordan were having marital issues that were partly as a result of dissension arising out of her role in his show. There was speculation too that the reason behind Dr. Phil McGraw’s buying a second home, gorgeous mansion was that it was a kind of buying off his wife so that they could lead more or less independent lives.

Dr. Phil met his second and present wife Robin, in 1973, when he was in the process of getting a divorce from his first wife. But, there have been snide reports that the two had probably begun their relationship even while he was married to his first wife, Debbie Higgins McCall.

Debbie, an ex-cheerleader, married Dr. Phil in 1970, when they were both very young; he was just 20 years old. Debbie didn’t have a very happy married life and has said that Dr. Phil was a domineering husband, who wanted to restrict her to narrow household work; his intrusiveness also included an insistence that she lift weights to improve her bust line.

She has even come out and said that she basically left him because of his roving eye, his infidelities and his unwillingness to remain faithful to her. There have been reports in the media regarding the unpleasant side to a man who shows such a warm and affable side to the public. Has this unpleasant side troubled his wife and marriage or is this just jealous media carping? Does Dr. Phil McGraw have an unfaithful nature as his first wife implied or has he reformed and become a one-woman man? What are the actual reasons behind all these reports which keep popping up periodically regarding marital strife in Dr. Phil McGraw’s life?

Only time will tell, I guess!


Dr. Phil McGraw with wife Robin and sons Jay and Jordan.

Dr. Phil McGraw with wife Robin and sons Jay and Jordan.

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