Dr. Jackie Walters and her husband apparently reconcile after she filed for divorce

In March 2017 Dr. Jackie Walters’ husband Curtis Berry was caught with another woman, revealing that he had been cheating on Dr. Jackie. She filed for divorce after only three days, but throughout season 5 of Married to Medicine the two have been working on reconciliation. Will it last?

The scandal breaks

Andy Cohen and Jackie at a talk show

Andy Cohen and Jackie at a talk show

Married to Medicine has been on the air for 5 seasons over at Bravo TV now. The shows us what it’s like to be married to medicine in a very literal sense of the word. The main cast consists of very attractive female physicians in various fields, who are all passionate about their jobs. But it’s far from just being about work. Their personal lives feature front and centre. Whether that’s really something the ladies signed up for is something we kind of learn throughout the seasons.

As a matter of fact, once you’re on reality TV your life become fodder for the gossip rags as well. It was therefore not very surprising when pictures of Curtis Berry, husband of Dr Jackie Walters, with another woman made the rounds back in March 2017, very much declaring to the world that he was cheating on her.

A fan recognized him and that was the end of that. Apparently, his mistress didn’t even know he was married, blissfully unaware that he was featured on reality TV as part of his wife’s show.

Fans of the show were shocked, of course, and Jackie was deeply humiliated.

Filing for divorce

Talking many months later with Andy Cohen about it, Dr Jackie revealed that she filed for divorce from Curtis on the third day after the scandal broke. She didn’t hesitate. Not for long anyway. One might even say she acted on impulse, though apparently, she mostly wanted to protect her assets.

Dr. Jackie Walters with husband Curtis Berry

Dr. Jackie Walters with husband Curtis Berry

It was said to be a strategic move to protect her money, but details of the filing are unknown. Jackie spoke about the move with Andy Cohen, opening up about her husband’s infidelity and her move to protect herself.

Jackie hadn’t really wanted to make the divorce a topic on Married to Medicine or anywhere else. But she had little choice to speak about it and eventually decided to speak out, saying “It’s one of those things that you do better than healing in private than you do allowing the public to share it. So yeah, tough is… tough is probably an understatement.”

She confessed to leaning heavily on her co-stars for support, all strong women. Jackie may be one of the strong ones herself, having recovered from breast cancer twice and dealing with infertility. But that doesn’t mean that she won’t seek out help when needed.

Working it out

Despite filing for divorce from Curtis, the couple decided to work on their relationship. Curtis reportedly gifted Jackie with Swarovski jewellery and a Luis Vuitton bag. The gifts themselves were little consolation to her, but she did appreciate his attempt to try something at least.

Clearly, he wanted her back.

But Dr Jackie was far from forgiving and further from forgetting. She had no idea how a relationship recovers from infidelity. Would love be enough? Was it even salvageable? Those are the questions she’s been trying to figure out during season 5 of her show.

“Who says I’ve forgiven him? It’s such a rollercoaster effect. And deciding to stay or not to stay changes from day to day. Whether you stay with the person or not, you still have to walk in forgiveness. It doesn’t always end in saving the relationship. I think unforgiveness is poison to me and not to the person. It takes a lot of work … and sometimes it doesn’t work.”

So, viewers have seen a lot of their journey on the last season of Married to Medicine. It was not an easy road to take and with cameras accompanying the couple all the time, it certainly didn’t get easier.

But ultimately it would appear that the two have worked it out. They’ve begun appearing publicly together at various events as of August 2017. They’ve been walking the red carpet and apart from recounting the events of the scandal and its fallout, Dr Jackie has not spoken further of a divorce.

It’s also somewhat unclear whether or not the divorce proceedings have been officially halted.

Will it last?

That’s the question on everyone’s mind, regardless of how familiar you may be with the show. Infidelity is not an easy breach of trust to recover from. Curtis has not publicly addressed the matter or his motives. During therapy on the show itself, Curtis said, though, that he felt left behind by Jackie and needed to feel loved again.

It sounds very much as if he had some sort of mid-life crisis, which would not be unusual at his age and given that neither his private life nor his professional life was where he wanted it to be.

Jackie acknowledged that she had let the distance grow between them, feeling guilty about it. But at the same time, she won’t make apologies for his choices either.

At the time she admitted that she wasn’t sure that she’s ready to forgive yet. But she also said: “I’m certain that there is a future. I want to make sure that the future includes the two of us and that we cannot go down this path ever again.”

So, they are a work in progress more than anything else. And it is possible to make it through infidelity. Love alone is not enough and it takes a lot to rebuilt trust.

We shall see whether Jackie and Curtis will make it. After all, we get a front row seat.

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Jackie and Curtis snapped at an event

Jackie and Curtis snapped at an event

Jackie and Curtis look gorgeous

Jackie and Curtis look gorgeous

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