How amicable was Don Omar’s divorce from Jackie Guerrido that cost him $3.7 Million?

Jackie Guerrido and Don Omar were barely married for three years and their relationship appeared outwardly very volatile. Did they really manage an amicable divorce?

Divorce finalized in August 2013

Not much is known about the beginnings of their relationship, but by August 2007 Jackie Guerrido and Don Omar were engaged to be married. A few months later rumors made the rounds that Jackie was pregnant with their first child, but there was clearly nothing to these rumors as the couple remained childless.

Jackie and Don hand in hand

Jackie and Don hand in hand

Jackie and Don married in Puerto Rico in April 2008 surrounded by many celebrity friends. Divorce rumors are said to have started to appear within weeks of their marriage, but little evidence can actually be found. It would appear that people regarded Jackie and Don as one of those couples that wouldn’t last very long.

They were right, but that reflects more on Jackie and Don than on any other person’s ability to predict a couple’s marriage. Nobody but the two people inside the marriage should be allowed to make this kind of call.

Be that as it may, the relationship became outwardly volatile when Don was banned from Univision, Jackie’s employer, after supposedly defending their relationship. It seems a rather odd occurrence and one is only left to guess as to what went down. Don cannot simply have defended their relationship, that’s no reason to ban someone from anywhere. He would have had to become at least unnecessarily loud and bothersome before there would have been grounds for action. It is also not clear how or to whom he supposedly defended his marriage.

Jackie and Don look great with each other

Jackie and Don look great with each other

The first time any problems in their marriage were reported in the celebrity news, apparently in July 2009, Don went on the offensive and threatened to sue the paper in question for defamation. It’s unclear if anything ever came of it.

Curiously it is always Don who makes the news, not much is heard from Jackie in regards to the rumors or any signs of erratic behavior. Twitter is one of those outlets for him, where Don seems to like to go on rants.

Consequently both Jackie and Don announced in February 2010 that they would be closing down their Twitter accounts. But it didn’t take long for both of them to return to Twitter and apparently Don immediately continuedin a similar fashion as before by going on more rants.

Twitter was also the source of divorce rumors between Don and Jackie in December 2010. When there were allegations in 2011 that Jackie was “the other woman” in another high profile split, it didn’t take long for Don to show up on Twitter yet again to threaten Jackie for disrespecting him the way she did. He also mentioned in his rant that he hadn’t heard from her in 10 months, which seems really strange.

Jackie and Don snapped at an event

Jackie and Don snapped at an event

A happy marriage certainly looks different.

Jackie never responded to any of it besides saying that her lawyers would handle the situation. And the divorce seems to have been initiated around that time, though it’s not actually known who filed for divorce. In all likelihood that would have been Jackie.

It took more than two years for the divorce to be settled. Don said that he and Jackie had found new respect for each other, though they didn’t love each other anymore. Oddly he added that they came into the marriage loving what they were doing (their work) and they found love with each other, but though it didn’t work out between them, they still loved what they were doing and apparently one couldn’t ask for more.

Even if one love was lost, at least the other love prevailed. That seems to be his argument here.

Nothing was heard from Jackie. She ended up getting $3.7 Million from her ex-husband, because there was no pre-nup. It seems an excessive or perhaps overly generous amount of money. Jackie is not exactly a housewife sitting at home not making any money herself.

There are speculations that a confidentiality agreement may have been attached to the money and it wouldn’t be entirely surprising given Jackie’s silence and what happened later in Don Omar’s life.

In September 2014 Don was arrested and charged with domestic violence and threatening his ex-girlfriend Rebeca Lopez on was arrested and charged with domestic violence and threatening his ex-girlfriend at gunpoint. Apparently there had been two incidents and Rebeca had eventually reported him.

But the case was dismissed. Not for lack of evidence, but because the accuser, Rebeca, never showed up to any of the court session. With the primary witness being AWOL, the judge had no choice but to drop the charges. In the meantime it was reported that Don had paid Rebeca a handsome $350,000, essentially to make her go away.

Don denied the rumors, but they leave a sour aftertaste. There can be little doubt that Jackie Guerrido is probably happier without him now.


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