DeShawn Snow gets a makeover post divorce

DeShawn is devastated by her ex-husband’s cheating and subsequent filing for divorce. She has picked up the pieces and fortunately rebuilt her life.

Deshawn with then husband Eric

Deshawn with then husband Eric

The stars of the popular TV reality show Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 1 seem to be plagued by troubles in their reel as well as real lives! DeShawn Snow is no exception, but the irony in her case is that she was eased out from the show because of her non-controversial, normal and staid life and as soon as she was out, the fireworks began in her personal life!

DeShawn Snow was married to her college sweetheart NBA star turned broadcaster Eric Snow for almost twelve years and had three sons, Eric Javon, Darius Michael, and Jarren Christopher with him. She was slowly adjusting to being a former television star and busy with her Christian Ministry work, when Eric stunned her as he filed for divorce from her in 2010. She felt that she had been totally blindsided when she got to know that Eric wanted to split from her because he wanted to be with his mistress, Marisela Alvarado who was pregnant with his baby, and seemed to have no regrets in leaving her  behind though her requested for joint custody of his sons after divorce. To add insult to the injury Marisela Alvarado was a mutual friend of theirs and a former college mate of theirs and Eric’s former classmate and flame.

Sources have said that it wasn’t entirely unexpected as Eric Snow had been cheating throughout their marriage and was even found flirting on the phone with unknown women during the shooting of the reality show; he was even overhead badmouthing his wife over phone.

DeShawn and Eric went through a very bitter and public divorce. The still-married Eric was at girlfriend, Marisela Alvarado’s side when she gave birth to their daughter, Ava Marie Snow.

Since then, DeShawn has bravely picked up the pieces of her life and given herself a new lease of life. She has lost an amazing thirty pounds and looks fit and fabulous; she took time and devoted herself to bringing up her sons, wrote books and turned motivational speaker encouraging young women to empower themselves.


DeShawn before and after divorce!

DeShawn before and after divorce!

Eric Snow with girlfriend and 'Baby Momma' Marisela Alvarado

Eric Snow with girlfriend and ‘Baby Momma’ Marisela Alvarado

Deshawn's three sons Eric, Darius and Jarren with her mother in law

Deshawn’s three sons Eric, Darius and Jarren with her mother in law

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