Damita and Deitrick Haddon divorced and afterwards the real nastiness began

It’s rare that a divorce only gets messy after the fact, but Damita and Deitrick Haddon had a lot of blame to dish out long after they were divorced.

Divorce finalized in 2011

Dominique & Deitrick at a disc

Dominique & Deitrick at a disc

According to Damita Haddon she led a successful relationship with husband Deitrick for 15 years. They had issues like other couples, but she thought that they usually dealt with them and moved on. Thus, by her account, she felt blindsided when he walked out on her two days after her mother’s funeral.

The two were co-pastors at a church in Detroit at the time and both were successful Gospel singers. For some reason Deitrick left for L.A., sought an easy and sinful life there and fell into a depression.

He never really elaborated what led to this move. He later accused his wife of having cheated on him with his former friend Isaac Carree, who himself was (and still is) a married man. Isaac denied this and the fact that he is still married to his wife of 19 years would suggest that he was not cheating on her.

Dominique and Deitrick beach time

Dominique and Deitrick beach time

Deitrick apparently wanted a divorce from Damita and they had begun the process when he met his current wife Dominique.

The two fell for each other and despite misgivings, because he was still legally married, they began a relationship. Thus Dominique became pregnant even before the divorce was through.

Damita is therefore of the opinion that Deitrick not only cheated on her, but that he left her for Dominique. Given that Deitrick only met Dominique in Los Angeles, this seems somewhat ridiculous. Add to that that the two were already in the process of divorcing, it’s difficult to see how Deitrick cheated.

But apparently among Christians that’s precisely what he did and he’s even been grilled about that on TV during a talk show.

Aside from this supposed adultery, Deitrick has not exactly behaved in the most charming way when he accused his ex-wife on cheating on him last year. So many years after the fact this should no longer be relevant. Damita was no better by accusing him of having cheated on her. For her this whole situation was especially painful, because she believed that Deitrick had left her for another woman who would be able to have his children.

Damita divulged that she had had several miscarriages and never would have believed that Deitrick would leave her to have a baby with someone else. Deitrick naturally denied that this was the case. Clearly getting Dominique pregnant while still married to another woman can’t have been his plan.

Dominique Deitrick's present wife

Dominique Deitrick’s present wife

That he was dissatisfied over not having children, however, doesn’t seem farfetched. In the four years he has been with Dominique, two of which married, he has produced three children with her. After his one-year anniversary to Dominique he even said publicly that his marriage of one year had been more successful than his marriage of 14 years.

He did blame their youth when they married to have played some role in the failure, however. Now older and wiser he could also be the better husband.

All this reads very much like a he said/she said situation and it’s not pretty. It also seems entirely unnecessary. The mudslinging only began after the divorce. What was there to gain?

Plus, both Deitrick and Damita have since remarried, suggesting they are happy with their new lives. Deitrick has openly confirmed as much and we’ve not heard any complaints from Damita about her marriage to Reuben Chandler.

How about they bury the hatchet?

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Damita and Deitrick photographed

Damita and Deitrick photographed

Damita and Deitrick wedding

Damita and Deitrick wedding

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