In health but not in sickness – The end of Yolanda and David Foster’s marriage

Yolanda Hadid, formerly Foster, and estranged husband David Foster are nearly divorced. It’s been a long time coming, even though Yolanda was initially blind-sided by the divorce.

Yolanda Hadid, previously Foster, is pretty well known for a few things: her aspiring model kids Gigi, Bella and Anwar, being a cast member of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and battling chronic Lyme disease.

Yolanda and David being snapped

Yolanda and David being snapped

She was previously married to Mohamed Hadid, with whom she had her three children. The marriage only lasted six years, from 1994 to 2000, and it’s not actually known why it broke apart.

In 2006 Yolanda started dating Grammy-winning composer David Foster.

After four years together David proposed on Christmas Eve 2010 and in November 2011 the two were married.

She joined the cast of RHOBH for the show’s third season and has been on the show ever since. David followed his own career, which meant he wasn’t a featured cast member on the show, but every now and then he would appear for Yolanda’s sake.

In 2012, however, Yolanda was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Lyme disease is generally contracted after a deer tick bite, but initial symptoms can vary widely and if not quickly diagnosed, it is entirely possible that the disease becomes chronic. Yolanda has been living on a farm for years before being diagnosed and is known to be quite the outdoorsy type. But some people, especially fellow cast members, have called her diagnosis into question. Not that they have any definitive proof that Yolanda is not actually sick.

For all we know she has been struggling with the illness for three years now and has become an outspoken advocate to finding a cure. If she were truly faking it in order to get attention, it would be a pretty low move. And it would be stupid, because it is very likely that the illness is at least partly the reason for her divorce from David Foster.

David reportedly informed Yolanda on the 15th November 2015 that he wanted a divorce. Yolanda said she was blind-sided by his request and didn’t expect it at all.

Yolanda and David say cheese

Yolanda and David say cheese

It’s unlikely that she wasn’t aware that they had problems and she did admit that struggling through the illness was hard on David as well. But she said she had hoped that they’d be together until she was 100% healthy again.

Their split was announced two weeks later and shocked everyone. Clearly the outside world had believed as well that the couple was on good terms. Whilst some so-called insiders said that it had been a long time coming, even fellow RHOBH cast members were surprised by the announcement.

Of course, there was much speculation initially, especially concerning Yolanda’s health and the fact that David was often travelling for work and therefore not supporting his wife as much as he should have. But David went public, denying that it was the disease that had broken the couple up. He said that he had always been there for Yolanda to the best of his ability and admired her strength and vigilance.

In January, then, Yolanda filed officially for divorce. She asked for spousal support even though there was a prenup. David responded with a request that spousal support be denied and that Yolanda should only get the previously agreed upon lump sum in the settlement.

Whilst Yolanda was often in the news, the divorce was not frequently talked about. It doesn’t seem as if there was much fighting going on behind the scenes. Yolanda said in an interview that she married for love and not money, which is why she didn’t regret signing the prenup. She also admitted that David had indeed been there for her, but that the Lyme disease had played its role in the breakdown of their marriage.

She said that being sick had changed her. She was no longer the person she had once been and the continued struggle also and invariably affected the person looking after her, in this case David. It didn’t sound as if she blamed him for leaving. And she did say that she still loved him. But she also changed her name from Foster to Hadid, her former husband’s surname. She explained her reason behind the change with wanting the same surname as her children. Fair enough.

In May it became known that Yolanda and David had reached a financial agreement regarding the settlement. Whilst no details are known, David had apparently been more generous than the prenup had initially agreed upon. Both parties are said to be happy with the settlement and are now simply waiting for a judge to sign off on the divorce.

Yolanda is now concentrating on getting healthy again and David has erroneously been linked to Selma Blair. It seems at this time neither of them has dating on their minds.


Yolanda and David cozying

Yolanda and David cozying

Yolanda and David look happy

Yolanda and David look happy

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