David Cassidy’s third divorce is finalized after a drawn out battle amid other legal problems

David Cassidy has been married three times and now he’s been divorced three times. Two years after ex-wife Sue first filed for divorce it has finally been settled.

Divorce finalized April 2016

Being a teenage idol rarely means becoming a successful and healthy adult. There’s just something about achieving success at a young age that destroys something in a young person. Whilst David Cassidy wasn’t exactly a teenager anymore when he became a teen idol, he was still only 20 and worked so much for the next few years that he was burned out and ready to retire from the business by the time he was 25.

Kay Lenz David's first wife

Kay Lenz David’s first wife

He married for the first time in 1977 when he was 27. He had taken some time off from the entertainment industry and struggled to return to work afterwards. His father had died only a year earlier and perhaps he was looking for a home when he married actress Kay Lenz.

The union didn’t last and was divorced in 1983, though the couple separated roughly in 1981. David once said that Kay had her own life and it didn’t match his needs. So he walked away from the marriage and met his second wife Meryl Tanz. They had known each other for some years and had run into each other several times. But Meryl had been married herself and hadn’t really been interested in David, who had still been too wrapped up in fame at the time.

It was their mutual love for all things equestrian that brought them together and when they met again in the early 80s they simply stayed together. They married as soon as they could after David’s divorce from Kay was finalized.

David says cheese with third wife Sue Shifrin

David says cheese with third wife Sue Shifrin

But the marriage didn’t last. We don’t know why it broke apart. The couple didn’t have children together, though Meryl had a daughter from her previous marriage. Given David’s age, he may actually have wanted to become a father. It’s usually said that Meryl and David divorced in 1985.

Incidentally he became a father in 1986 for the first time. His daughter, actress Katie Cassidy, was born when he had a relationship with Sherry Williams. That relationship ended, too, however. We don’t know how present David was as a father, but he does have a relationship to his daughter now that she is an adult.

In 1991 David married for the third time. With Sue Shifrin he had son Beau that very same year. When she filed for divorce in February 2014, it was said that she ended their 28-year relationship, suggesting that they had been a couple for about five years before they were married.

Given just how long-lived that marriage lasted, it was no doubt David’s most successful one and for the most part it must have been happy. But the couple officially separated in August 2013.

When Sue filed for divorce, she said she was sad to be doing so. David responded that he had hoped to amicably resolve their problems and would have hoped that Sue would not choose to go down this path. His statement sounded odd, because there’s nothing inherently disagreeable about filing a divorce, especially since Sue had nothing but kind words for him at the time.

Meryl Tanz David's second wife

Meryl Tanz David’s second wife

She must have felt that it was the right thing to do, because the marriage was over.

Alas, eventually the divorce ended up becoming rather unfriendly after all. David has been having multiple run-ins with the law over the past few years. In almost all cases drunk driving was involved, which resulted in him going into rehab around the same time his wife filed for divorce. She did say she wished him well and denied that the divorce had anything to do with his drunk driving.

But there’s definitely alcohol abuse at play here and chances are it had become too much for Sue.

In addition to that, however, David also filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy, because he was unable to settle some of his debts. His assets were valued higher than his liabilities, which makes one wonder how he should get away with that. Selling his assets should have covered his liabilities, especially if some sort of payment plan would have been implemented.

Sue wanted to be kept appraised of all proceedings regarding the bankruptcy.

David’s legal problems didn’t abate and he was arrested again for driving under the influence. Sue eventually requested that their joint assets should be forcibly sold, because the estranged couple had been unable to come to an agreement regarding their divorce and their finances.

We don’t actually know what the outcome of their dispute is, because the terms of the divorce settlement were sealed. The divorce was finalized at the end of April this year, but we don’t know any details. Chances are that proceeds of the sale of their assets are going to be split, but it’s not clear that Sue will get spousal support, because David doesn’t have much to give.

It’s sad that such a long marriage should end like this. David is currently worse for wear and is probably not thinking about moving on to dating anytime soon. He has other problems to sort out first.

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Sue & David holding hands

Sue & David holding hands

Sue & David look happy

Sue & David look happy

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