Daryl Hall’s second divorce comes after six years of marriage

Daryl Hall is divorcing for the second time and it’s fair to say that his longest lasting relationship is that to music partner John Oates.

One would be forgiven to think that Daryl Hall was only married once. His first marriage was such a long time ago, he may not even really remember it himself. He was married to Bryna Lublin between 1969 and 1972, in another lifetime.

Daryl with longtime girlfriend Sara Allen

Daryl with longtime girlfriend Sara Allen

After that followed his most iconic and long-term relationship with songwriter Sara Allen, who had a major influence on his musical act Hall & Oates with John Oates.

But that relationship ended as well. In 2001 the two decided to split. It is surprising that the Daryl and Sara never married or even had children together. Instead Daryl became father for the first and only time after a one-night stand with a groupie in 1984. Alas, whilst his fatherhood is a fact, he was an absentee father to his only son and only grudgingly paid a tiny amount of child-support.

Ironically he did become a father-figure to his second wife’s two children from a previous relationship. In 2009 Daryl married Amanda Aspinall, daughter of zoo and gambling tycoon John Aspinall. She brought two young sons with her and Daryl became their step-father. According to his estranged son Darren, the musician was closer to Amanda’s sons than he was ever to Darren, his own flesh and blood.

In May 2015 the marriage was over, however. Amanda filed for divorce from Daryl, declaring the marriage irretrievably broken. She asked that the couple’s prenup be honoured.

Daryl with second wife Amanda Aspinall

Daryl with second wife Amanda Aspinall

Interestingly the news of the divorce only came around in August. That’s when it was widely reported on, but few knew that it had been over for quite some time.

Daryl did not contest the divorce under the condition that the prenup was upheld. Whilst the marriage was called irretrievably broken down in the end, the estranged couple seems to have kept things amicable at least. Neither challenged the prenup or the divorce as such.

We can actually assume that the divorce has already been finalized. Obviously we don’t know any of the details and are not likely to find out at this stage.

Daryl has been keeping busy on tour with Hall & Oates, and after 45 years together on stage and in the studio, it’s safe to say that his most successful relationship is that to John Oates. It’s unlikely that those two will ever divorce, professionally speaking, of course. Just as it seems unlikely that Daryl will get married again. He knows that it doesn’t need a wedding to stay with someone long-term and has proven that it’s possible before.

As long as he has his music and his health, love may not even be on top of his list.

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