Bill and Dana Evans ended their 19-year marriage physically fighting each other

During the process of getting divorced Bill and Dana Evans ended up having a physical altercation very unbecoming of adults. It was just about the only incident we know of during their divorce, though.

In March 1994 Dana Lee married WABC-TV weatherman William Evans. She was 29 and he was 33; apparently he had previously been married and divorced.

The two had four children, three daughters and one son, during their marriage, which lasted roughly 19 years. Whilst Bill Evans is well known, one can hardly call him a celebrity. Therefore not much is actually known about his marriage or private life.

Dana Lee & Bill Evans look not so pleased

Dana Lee & Bill Evans look not so pleased

We do know that it was Dana who filed for divorce on the 2nd of May 2013. And we wouldn’t even be really aware of that date or the fact that the couple decided to divorce, if it weren’t for a rather nasty incident only two days after that.

Of course, what happened that day is very much a he said/she said case, because both parties told it rather differently and didn’t admit to anything the other accused them off.

Apparently Dana and Bill still lived together at the time, though whatever drove the couple apart, must have been at a high point then, otherwise one can’t explain what happened.

According to Dana she had wanted to change the parking of their cars outside, because it would have made things easier for the next morning. Since her husband’s car needed to be moved as well, she asked him for his keys, which he refused to hand over.

Bill at least seems to agree that the whole thing started because of the car keys.

What happened next is difficult to say, but it very much looks as if to 5-year olds got into a fight over their favourite toy. Unfortunately adults are able to inflict rather more damage on each other.

Dana alleged that her estranged husband shoved and even punched her, which left her with a black eye, bleeding and a bruised collarbone.

Bill on the other hand alleged that Dana grabbed for the waistband of his underwear (we don’t know why he was only in his underwear) and apparently reached for his scrotum, subsequently scratching it with her nails, which resulted in bleeding and potentially a considerable amount of pain.

Then she also beat his behind with a wooden coat hanger.

Dana pleaded self-defence on the latter accusation, claiming that she used the coat hanger to hit back at him after he punched her.

Sadly, it took the intervention of their children for the two to separate. If the matter of the parked cars was resolved remains unclear.

Dana eventually went to the police, claiming that she was advised to do so when she sought counsel at a domestic violence centre. Both she and Bill ended up submitting to the police voluntarily and were each charged with disorderly conduct and third-degree assault.

They both ended up in front of a court in June 2013 because of that incident. And both received protection orders against each other.

We don’t know how the case was ultimately resolved, but there can be no doubt that they were ordered to stay away from each other.

We also don’t know when their divorce was finalized. Contentious as it obviously was, there may even have been a rather quick resolution. If it had escalated any further, however, we would know about it as well.

It’s strange to think that a couple that managed to stay married for nearly 19 years and had four children together ends up fighting like cats and dogs. They sure weren’t fighting like adults.


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