Dan Harmon is in a new relationship after his short marriage to Erin McGathy

Dan Harmon and Erin McGathy started dating in 2011. Their engagement followed in 2013 and in November 2014 they married big style. But less than a year after, Erin announced that the couple was about to divorce. Dan has long since moved on, but what happened back then?

Dan and Erin’s whirlwind relationship

Dan Harmon and Erin McGathy at an event

Dan Harmon and Erin McGathy at an event

Dan and Erin met in November 2011 for the first time. They began dating shortly thereafter and were seemingly a happy couple. They mentioned each other on social media, posted pictures and eventually announced their engagement after two years of dating in 2013. That’s not a long time to be dating before daring to take the plunge but dare they did.

It was in November 2014, three years after first meeting, when they walked down the aisle. But it wasn’t just any aisle. The illustrious and obviously eccentric couple decided to get married at Los Angeles’ Natural History Museum, featuring instalments of their dating history and dinosaurs. Attending guests were in awe.

Going all out on a wedding, supposedly one of the best days of your life makes it somehow even more bittersweet when you have to announce your separation and divorce less than a year later. Erin posted the message on Twitter in October 2015.

We don’t know when their divorce was finalized. But it was likely in the first half of 2016. Barring any fights or major issues, marriages can be dissolved after six months.

Dan met Erin in 2011, but we know the two stayed together until 2015.

Moving on with Cody

Before we try to figure out what went wrong with Erin and Dan, let’s look at Dan moving on only a few months into 2016 with fellow writer Cody Heller. The two have been dating openly since 2016 and some blame this relationship or Dan’s emerging feelings for Cody to be the reason behind his divorce from Erin.

That might be so, but other factors may have played a role.

As it is, Dan and Cody have been going strong for just about two years now and seem to be very happy with each other. Dan is not someone who gets written about regularly. He’s not much of a celebrity that is being followed around everywhere. Much of what we know about his current relationship status and other things can be found on social media, where he is quite active. That includes posts of him and Cody together. Only a few days ago Dan’s show Rick and Morty was renewed and Cody congratulated him on the achievement as well as the “renewal of our relationship til the money runs out”.

Clearly, they’re still going strong together, despite what happened in the past.


In the wake of the #MeToo movement that emerged last year after Harvey Weinstein was publicly accused of sexual misconduct by several high-profile actresses, Dan acknowledged that he probably misbehaved in the past as well.

Dan with present girlfriend Cody Heller

Dan with present girlfriend Cody Heller

It was Megan Ganz, a former writer on his show Community, who responded and asked him to be more specific. In a dialogue on Twitter between the two, it emerged that he behaved inappropriately towards her, abusing his position of power over her and causing her to even doubt her abilities as a writer, among other things.

At first, she was not ready to forgive him, though she appreciated his openness to talk about his misconduct. Shortly thereafter Dan spoke about what happened on his podcast. He was very specific about what he did and why, though he never made any excuses for his behaviour, fully owning it instead.

Apparently, he had been in love with Megan and when she made it clear that she didn’t return the feelings and, moreover, that it caused a disturbance in their work relationship, he began abusing his power by withholding pay and criticising her work, putting her down at every opportunity.

He also said that he ended the relationship he was in, hoping that it would enable him to feel less guilty about pursuing her whilst he still had someone to come home to. It didn’t work. Megan still didn’t want to be with him and eventually, she left the show.

We don’t know when all of this happened. Megan was a writer on Community between 2010 and 2013. So, she is unlikely the girlfriend he left because of Megan.

Still, the behaviour he spoke of may not have been a one-time occurrence with just Megan. He may have bullied other people, whether they were female or not is unimportant here. Some consider him a difficult character. He was fired from Community for a reason, after all. Perhaps his very nature was the reason his marriage to Erin failed. It somehow seems the most likely explanation.

Thankfully, he has learned from his shortcomings and failure. Indeed, Megan was so grateful for his acknowledgement that she publicly forgave him for what happened.

Cody, who would have learned about all of this as well, is still with him, suggesting that he may indeed be a changed man worthy of keeping.

Let’s hope so.

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