Life on the fast track – Dan Auerbach remarries only two years after his messy divorce

Dan Auerbach had a terrible divorce from Stephanie Gonis, but two years later he’s a father once more and married to Jen Goodall.

Divorce finalized August 2013

Dan Auerbach doesn’t seem to be someone, who wastes times not living life as much as possible. He’s a notorious insomniac, does boxing every day, makes music with his bandmate Patrick Carney in the Black Keys resulting in the regular release of new albums, and goes on massive tours taking the band through 200 concerts in one year.

Stephanie and Dan partying

Stephanie and Dan partying

It therefore shouldn’t surprise that he married for the second time almost exactly two years after he was divorced for the first time.

What surprises is that he found love so quickly again considering how badly his previous marriage deteriorated.

He was married to Stephanie Gonis for four years before things turned sour some time in 2012. By early 2013 his estranged wife was no longer by his side and the divorce was already on the table.

It was a contentious divorce, which made the news for several reasons. Before it was finalized, the talk was mostly about Dan’s accusations against Stephanie, which alleged that she had tried to commit suicide twice in one day, once with their daughter in attendance, who was only four at the time.

Apparently Stephanie had slashed her legs and ankles with a knife in front of Dan and Sadie, their little girl. Later on the same day Dan claimed that she tried to set the house on fire, another attempt at suicide.

Both attempts could be called eccentric at best. And if they were suicide attempts, one is hard pressed to believe that she meant it. But there was self-harm involved at least when she slashed herself.

Stephanie defended her actions saying that slashing herself was an expression of the years of abuse she had suffered from Dan. That doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense and she never specified how Dan abused her, emotionally, verbally, physically or otherwise. She also never pressed charges against him.

Jen Goodall Dan's present wife

Jen Goodall Dan’s present wife

Setting fire to the house was apparently an accident, Stephanie said and since we don’t know precisely what happened, this might as well be true.

In the end Dan seemed to have the stronger case as he was awarded temporary custody of their daughter. Stephanie actually admitted herself into therapy. No doubt this was a consequence of losing custody, which was supposed to be revisited after Stephanie was no longer deemed to be a risk to her daughter.

When the divorce was finalized in August 2013 another piece of information seemed to draw particular attention. In their divorce settlement Stephanie was awarded $5 million as well as one car, one of their shared homes and apparently also a strand of Bob Dylan’s hair.

It was the last piece that had everyone baffled, which in itself is somewhat baffling. Everyone has been wondering what was up with that bit of hair, but nobody seems to have asked Dan about it.

Be that as it may, after the divorce was finalized Dan clearly moved on. At some point in 2014 he started seeing Jen Goodall and by the time the two attended the Grammys in February 2015 she was not only his fiancée but also carried their son.

That seems rather a fast turnaround, but Dan certainly looked happy and so did Jen. Clearly Dan has gotten all of the negative feelings and the strain the divorce put him under out when he wrote Turn Blue, the album that was created at the same time he divorced.

With all the feelings processed he was free to move on and so he did. He did say that he wouldn’t have known what to do with it all, if he didn’t have his music.

We don’t know how Stephanie is faring these days, but we certainly hope she’s better now than she was when she divorced.


Dan & Jen dressed up for an event

Dan & Jen dressed up for an event

Dan & Jen arrive at an event

Dan & Jen arrive at an event

Dan & Jen pose for a photoshoot

Dan & Jen pose for a photoshoot

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