What started as a separation will end in divorce for Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas

While Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas only separated at first, Cynthia announced her plans to divorce Peter a few months later, blindsiding him.

Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas married in 2010 quite publicly on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Even then the couple had had its ups and downs, but they walked down the aisle anyway. It was the first time for Cynthia, who was 42 at the time and had a daughter from a previous relationship.

Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas snapped at an event

Whilst their lives and their relationship were shown on RHOA, not all of it was subject to public scrutiny. After all, even RHOA or any of the other Real Housewives shows are heavily edited. No matter how much the cameras are around, they are not everywhere. And since viewers only get to see so much on TV, we assume that much of what transpired between the couple ended up on the floor of the cutting room.

Let’s also not forget that the show didn’t just centre around the two of them. But even so, during the six years of their marriage viewers did get to see quite a few ups and downs Cynthia and Peter went through.

To have your marriage on show for everyone to see can’t have been easy, though Cynthia said that the cameras weren’t to blame for the demise of their relationship. In fact, she said their personalities, chemistry and compatibility apparently didn’t work out.

Many times her co-stars provided a shoulder to cry on for Cynthia and when footage of Peter apparently making out with another woman emerged earlier this year, they all accused him of cheating and urged her to leave him. Cynthia did no such thing.

Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas all smiles!

Whilst the footage embarrassed her, she didn’t seem to believe that Peter was truly cheating on her and was willing to forgive him and work through whatever issues they may have. Peter denied that he had even made out with the woman in question. He admitted it didn’t look good, but he had apparently only given her a kiss on the cheek, claiming she was a friend and nothing more. He very much denied that he was a cheater, but he did publicly apologise for the way the incident had looked.

At the end of May this year, Cynthia confirmed that she and Peter were taking a break. Back in April she had already said that she was taking more time for herself, which some took to mean that the couple was already separated. But the real confirmation came a little later.

Cynthia said that she still loved her husband, but that they needed some time apart. Peter already lived in Charlotte for the most part, whilst she lived in Atlanta. They seemed to have more of a long-distance relationship than anything else. But now they were taking it a step further and called time on their marriage.

Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas say cheese

In July then, Cynthia no longer spoke of a separation but said that the two were indeed divorcing. She said as much in an interview with E! News, admitting that she didn’t want to be married to Peter anymore. Once again she said that she still loved him and would continue to root for him in all things that matter. But taking that time and space apart apparently also meant that it was easier to take the final step and actually divorce.

She made it clear that she didn’t want an ugly divorce and hoped that she and Peter could be friends again, especially since they had started out as friends. Cynthia said that she was at peace with her decision. She had given her marriage all she had been able to give it and in the end it hadn’t worked out.

Peter on the other hand sat down with Wendy Williams on her show and admitted that the announcement of the divorce had blindsided him. Whilst he was obviously separated from his wife and had been for a few months, divorce was new to him. He claimed that they hadn’t actually discussed it, which isn’t surprising considering that he had only seen his wife once in about six months of separation.

Wendy asked him why he thought Cynthia might be so upset with him and wanted to know whether he had cheated on her or perhaps embezzled money. A strange line of questioning, though it emerged that Peter seems to have a bit of a shady past, even though all cases against him were pretty old and had ultimately been dismissed.

Peter very much denied being a cheater or an embezzler, however. Elsewhere he said that Cynthia simply didn’t fight hard enough for their marriage. She had married for the first time in her early forties and had simply been too used to the life of a successful and independent woman. She didn’t seem to find it that difficult to end her marriage. But Peter said he loved being married and going to sleep and waking up beside the same woman every day. It seems Cynthia is not that woman, however, and he is going to have to let her go.

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