Christopher Kimball might be the third time lucky after his previous two marriages ended in divorce

Christopher Kimball was married twice and divorced twice before he finally married Melissa Baldino. Despite their significant age gap the two seem to very happy indeed.

Divorce finalized in December 2012

Whilst it seems common knowledge that Christopher Kimball has been married twice before, virtually nothing is known about his first wife. It may well have been a short marriage, because the marriage to his second wife Adrienne certainly lasted more than a decade, perhaps even two. Christopher and Adrienne had four children together and at least were happy as late as 2007, likely a little beyond that.

Christopher Kimball in his cookery show

Christopher Kimball in his cookery show

But in 2010 their marriage fell irretrievably apart and ended in divorce two years later. We don’t know what led to the divorce or how it was settled. Given Christopher’s fame with America’s Test Kitchen and a likely substantial income over two decades on the show, he would have to have paid some alimony to his ex-wife. But we can assume that the divorce was reasonably amicable, because we heard nothing to the contrary.

Christopher probably had little or no child-support to pay as his children should all be adults by now.

Interestingly he met his third wife, Melanie Baldino, in 2002 when she interviewed for the job as his assistant. Initially she didn’t get the job, but the woman he hired instead quit soon and eventually Melanie was given the position.

The two worked together closely for nearly a decade. And they worked well together, understanding each other and very much operating on the same wave length. For the longest time they were friends.

But when his marriage to Adrienne broke apart Melanie realized that she was, in fact, in love with her boss. That epiphany was quite a lot to handle and Melanie didn’t seem to want to interfere with Christopher’s divorce. When her feelings became too much for her to keep inside, she confessed her them.

Christopher admitted that he felt the same about her and the two began to date. His divorce was finalized in December 2012 and in March 2013 he proposed to Melanie. In July they were married.

They have been very happy ever since and it may well be the case that this will indeed be Christopher’s last marriage.


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