Christina Estrada is awarded £53 million in her extraordinary divorce settlement case

Ex-model Christina Estrada proved that she had lost all touch to reality when she sued her ex-husband for nearly £200 million in financial support. The court awarded her a quarter of that sum on a needs basis.

Divorced in 2014

Christina Estrada may have been a supermodel once upon a time, but she was never as huge as she claims have been. She mostly made her name by dating famous men. Among others, she had been linked to Prince Andrew shortly after his split from wife Fergie, as well as Flavio Briattore.

Christina with ex husband Dr Walid Juffali

Christina with ex husband Dr Walid Juffali

In 2001 she married Dr Walid Juffali, a Saudi billionaire.

The two had one daughter together and lived a ‘magical’ life according to Christina. It was a life of lavish luxury. Of that there is no doubt. One could even call it a happy life and Christina made sure to always smile for the cameras when pictured with her husband.

When Dr Juffali decided to take another wife (Saudi Arabian law permits a man four wives), Christina was not happy. Especially considering that the new wife was a 25-year old Lebanese model. That was in 2012 and in 2013 Christina filed for divorce.

Unbeknownst to her, however, Dr Juffali decided to turn the tables on her and divorced her in his homeland in 2014.

That must have caused Christina considerable upset, especially since she was unable to make any financial claims against her husband in Saudi Arabia. But Dr Juffali did not actually intend to leave his ex-wife and their daughter destitute.

Christina and Dr Walid look superhot

Christina and Dr Walid look superhot

After the divorce her paid her £70,000 every month in spousal support and covered all expenses for their daughter.

That does not seem to have been enough for Christina, who decided to take her ex-husband to the cleaners before a London court.

There she demanded a total of £196 million in order to keep living the life she has become accustomed to. Her ex-husbands lawyers took her demands apart, of course. And the news learned about the details, which caused fairly wide-spread outrage among readers.

Dr Juffali offered initially a sum of £37 million to pay out his ex-wife. She rejected the offer. He also tried to have the case thrown out because of his diplomatic immunity. But the court case did not apply to his immunity, so the motion was rejected.

In June the court heard Christina’s justification for many items listed on her expenses sheet, which was thoroughly questioned by Dr Juffali’s lawyers.

Among other things she wanted £55 million for an appropriate new home in London’s Belgravia. Apparently a number of homes suggested by her ex-husband’s legal team did not meet her standards. One property felt wrong, another one would have meant that she would have to live on the same floor as her staff and another one was altogether too small.

She needed nearly £500,000 for five cars, because, of course, she needs five cars: two in the US and three in the UK.

Other claims included £21,000 for 54 pairs of shoes and £58,000 for two designer handbags. She also needs 35 watches every year – to go with various outfits.

Loujain Adada Lebanese supermodel and Walid's current wife

Loujain Adada Lebanese supermodel and Walid’s current wife

Christina didn’t see anything wrong with her claims. She can’t help it if Wimbledon tickets cost her £28,000 a years. And since she is used to spending £50,000 on a Christmas dinner for 50 to 150 guests, it is the money she is entitled to.

She even admitted that ‘the wider world’ might perceive her demands as outlandish, but she also seemed quite unconcerned.

At that court hearing in June Christina even burst into tears when she recalled a phone call with her daughter, who had asked her if she would make her a poor girl. To call the whole thing quite disgusting would be an understatement.

There can be no doubt that Christina Estrada has completely lost touch to reality. She was not even born into a luxurious life. Her family came from the middle class and has not made it beyond that. Somehow Christina seems to think that her 12 years as the wife of a multi-millionaire (according to his people) or even a billionaire (according to her people) entitled her to ongoing luxury for the rest of her life.

In the end the presiding justice did not agree. But Mrs. Justice Roberts still applied ‘reasonable needs’ as the basis for the money that was awarded to Christina. In the ruling in early July Christina received a £53 million cash settlement. Considering other assets that she had previously received, Christina walks away with a total of £75 million, which should allow her to live comfortably.

It is one of the largest ‘needs’ rulings ever made in the UK and ultimately Christina declared herself satisfied, even though the budget for her future home has now been reduced to a mere £18 million.

The judge had ordered a lump sum to be paid out by 4pm on Friday the 29th July. However, it is doubtful that the payment has been made already. Whilst it is legally binding, the fact of the matter is that Dr Juffali passed away on the 22nd July after a battle with terminal cancer. He had been gravely ill for some time and had therefore been unable to attend court.

Christina is apparently in St Tropez right now and friends say she is devastated over the death of her ex-husband. Her divorce settlement is likely to be paid out of his estate.


Christina and Walid times together

Christina and Walid times together

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